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Samantha Fish: Riverfront Blues Festival 8-7-16

Samantha Fish - Riverfront Blues Festival 8-7-16

Samantha Fish - Guitar & Vocals; Go-Go Ray - Drums; Chris Alexander - Bass.
*Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad
Riverfront Blues Festival - Wilmington, DE 8-7-16

Rachel Look, Shelby Benson: Crimson Apple - Who Needs A Heart

Crimson Apple is an all-girl, pop-alternative band from Hawaii, now based in Los Angeles, California. The band features four sisters- Colby Benson (Lead Vocals/Keys); Shelby Benson (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Carthi Benson (Bass/Vocals); Faith Benson (Drums) and their good family friend, Rachel Look (Lead Guitar/Vocals). These girls are known for the tightness, presence, and energy of their powerful live performances, as well as their signature red and black attire. The band’s musical influences span a wide variety of genres, but their sound can be likened to that of bands like Paramore, Young the Giant, and Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK.

Colby Benson / Shelby Benson / Rachel Look / Carthi Benson / Faith Benson

Crimson Apple - Who Needs A Heart (Original Music)

Rosie Botterill, Holly Henderson, Becky Baldwin: Dorja - The Horns Watford 2016

Aiym Almas - Vocals
Becky Baldwin - Bass
Holly Henderson - Guitar
Anna Mylee - Drums
Rosie Botterill - Guitar

Dorja are LA's newest hard rock sensation about to explode onto the scene. With a diverse and vast range of musical influences, their unique style is a nod to 70's & 80's classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses, whilst fusing with the modern sounds of current garage rock bands such as Royal Blood. With their powerful, guitar-driven hooks and heavy drums, teamed with a vocal of raw energy to challenge Janis Joplin, Dorja have created one of the most exciting new bands today.

Dorja are an aggregate of young, yet experienced musicians from all over the world. The five members from England, Belgium and Kazakhstan met together for the first time in May 2016 in Los Angeles after months of writing collaboratively in online sessions. They recorded their debut demo track with Erich Gobel (Black Sabbath, John Mayer, Ray Charles) at West Triad Studios in California, created by Mark Schulman (Pink).

Between the members they have performed in 9 different O2 venues, toured throughout Europe, played major festivals and recorded in studios such as Livingston Studios, Real World Studios, West Triad Studios and have appeared in publications such as Total Guitar, Guitar World, Modern Drummer Magazine, Bass Guitar Magazine and The Sun. They have studied under industry professionals in the UK & USA learning from the likes of Jamie Humphries, Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Smashing Pumpkins, Chickenfoot), John Wheatcroft, Mark Schulman, Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene) and many more.

The transatlantic girls bond musically and the key to their sound is not only their love of music but also their complete creative freedom. Their debut album is eagerly awaited for release in early 2017 followed by a series of live dates.


Rosie Botterill, Holly Henderson, Becky Baldwin: Dorja - Fire new promo video

Music by DORJA.
Copyrights to DORJA.
Aiym Almas - Vocals 
Becky Baldwin - Bass 
Holly Henderson - Guitar 
Rosie Botterill - Guitar 
Anna Mylee - Drums
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Google Play:

DORJA - Fire

Zoe Thomson: The Mini Band LIVE at Newbury's Music Showcase 2016. Full set!!

This was streamed live from the gig at the Corn Exchange Newbury.

Full original set.

Members: Harry Esson aged 12, Zoe Thomson aged 12, Harrison Read aged 12, Charlie Emmons aged 15, Archie Zolotuhin aged 14
The Mini Band LIVE at Newbury's Music Showcase 2016. Full set!!

Maja Partsch: Destiny potato - Blue sun guitar - bareknuckle miracleman pickups

My channel (PerpetualBurn):  Maja Partsch

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David Maxim Mimic's channel:

Hey guys! So, I wanted to give that blue sun a shot! As a big fan of Destiny potato and David Maxim Mimic, I must say, this is a cover that I really enjoyed making. It's the right amount of experimenting and creativity mixed with groovy grooves, memorable melodies and an incredibly convincing musicality. The tuning is quite unique as well: Ab, Eb, Ab, Eb, Ab, Bb. Credits to Denorel92 for creating tabs for this as well (: I took the freedom to get creative with expanding the clean chords in the verse, cause you can never get too much of those jazzy chords. 

As you might notice, I'm using a different guitar.
I had the pleasure of borrowing my boyfriends lovely guitar:
An Ibanez RG1527z 7 string with bareknuckle miracle man pickup set. I recorded the guitar with his axefx I, made myself a new patch with a rectifier red preamp, recorded two tracks and panned them left and right. Put some additional compresser and eq on top to make it appear better in the mix. The program I have been using this time around is Cubase 7, which is quite nice for simple projects like this.
As to why I got this lucky, getting to borrow my boyfriends nice gear, I had quite an eventfull time trying to get this recorded: My own 6 string RG broke, while I was trying to change strings (damned floyd rose..). As it just happens, I had just made a project out of blocking the tremolo in order to be able to tune it down, and everything had worked out - until the strings needed changing :D
So, if it weren't for my sweet boyfriend, this cover would not have been up till in a month or so :D
If you are stoked to see a female guitarist and enjoy female fronted as well as melodic hard rock/metal, you might find my band forever still enjoyable as well as destiny potato.

Feel free to comment and give a thumbs up or thumbs down, if that's what you feel like. There's more to come, so if you like my style, just click follow, and the stuff will keep rolling in for ya ;D
Thank you for watching! Seeya in my next video

Destiny potato - Blue sun guitar cover (with bareknuckle miracleman pickups)

Destiny potato - Blue sun guitar cover (with bareknuckle miracleman pickups)

Melodic shredding

Jesslyn Jensen: Rogue Arsenal - Arrival

The 3rd track 'Arrival' of the "langt Verden Saga'

All Music written and recorded by Jesslyn Jensen

Rogue Arsenal - Arrival

ROGUE ARSENAL - Langt Verden Saga (Far World Saga) Broken World. Departure. Arrival