Rachel Look, Shelby Benson: Crimson Apple - Who Needs A Heart

Crimson Apple is an all-girl, pop-alternative band from Hawaii, now based in Los Angeles, California. The band features four sisters- Colby Benson (Lead Vocals/Keys); Shelby Benson (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Carthi Benson (Bass/Vocals); Faith Benson (Drums) and their good family friend, Rachel Look (Lead Guitar/Vocals). These girls are known for the tightness, presence, and energy of their powerful live performances, as well as their signature red and black attire. The band’s musical influences span a wide variety of genres, but their sound can be likened to that of bands like Paramore, Young the Giant, and Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK.

Colby Benson / Shelby Benson / Rachel Look / Carthi Benson / Faith Benson

Crimson Apple - Who Needs A Heart (Original Music)