Jane Getter: the first lady of rock fusion gives ten of the best

Jane Getter

Jane Getter: the first lady of rock fusion gives ten of the best to Shreddelicious

Jane Getter has been described as the “first lady of fusion rock" and with the release of her new album “Three” , Jane Getter is set to cement herself as one of the most exciting and innovative female guitarists around today. Janes playing abilities have lead to gigs with world renowned Saturday Night Live Band, touring with Jaimoe from The Allman Brothers Band, touring with electric jazz masters Ursula Dudziak, Jack McDuff, Lenny White, Michael Urbaniak. In addition, Jane’s compositional talents have been recognised when she was presented with the ASCAP Gershwin Award for Music for Theater or Dance in the mid 1990's.

Jane has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine on a number of occasions which includes a feature interview in 2006 and with also her instructional articles in the "Sessions" section. Guitar Player describe Jane as "the fieriest fretboarding female ever to strap on a Stratocaster".

But check out the touring band... Her current band which consists some of New York's elite master musicians, James Genus, Adam Holzman (her husband), and super drummer Anton Fig. They can be seen playing in the the New York City area and touring the U.S and recently opened for guitar legend Allan Holdsworth in NYC's BB Kings Blues Club.

Her debut CD on Lipstick Records titled Jane, received worldwide critical acclaim.
Jane Getter: Jane

Her 2nd CD titled See Jane Run was released in 2006 on Alternity Records, the home of Allan Holdsworth. 

In 2009 a special guitar duet project entitled "Secret Code" with guitarist Bruce Arnold was released on "Muse Eek" .

Bruce Arnold,Jane Getter: Secret Code
With Jane's new musical direction into the progressive rock/jazz idiom, comes her new album "three" just released on Digital Nations and Alternity Records.
Jane Getter: Three
Jane Getter uses Fender Guitars and amps and Seymour Duncan Pickups.

Guitar Virtuoso Jane Getter Visits McNally Smith College of Music, Spring 2012

[Shreddelicious] You have a pretty amazing guitar pedigree, when did you start playing guitar?

[Jane Getter] I started playing when I was about 9 yrs old. I was taking piano lessons and my sister was taking guitar lessons. I used to spy on her lessons until my parents got the message that I wanted to play guitar and gave me flamenco guitar lessons.

I wasn’t that psyched about playing flamenco and stopped playing after a year or so. Then in middle school I started up again playing folk and blues through high school. I then got into jazz and rock in college.

I’d have to say Bonnie Raitt, Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix and Jimi Page were my earliest guitar heroes.

[Shreddelicious] You must have been really into your music, can you say what it was that made you decide to take guitar seriously?

Jane Getter

[Jane Getter] All through high school I was playing with people and teaching guitar but it wasn’t until college when I started taking jazz guitar lessons that I decided this is what I want to do with my life. A friend of mine took me to hear Joe Pass play solo and I was totally blown away. I walked away saying “I wanna do that!”.

[Shreddelicious] What are your favourite albums? We are always interested to know what music guitar players are listening to or what albums have made a difference to your playing.

[Jane Getter]
  1. Wes Montgomery - Smokin at the Half Note
  2. Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
  3. Robben Ford – Talk to Your Daughter
  4. Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
  5. Foo Fighter - One By One
  6. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth (Dig)
  7. Jeff Beck - Wired
  8. Miles Davis - Tutu
  9. Miles Davis - Nefertiti (Reis)
  10. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
  11. Marvin Sapp - Grace & Mercy
  12. Salif Keita - Soro
  13. Allman Brothers - At Fillmore East
  14. Bartók: 6 String Quartets

[Shreddelicious] What do you think of the use of social media for promoting your work?

[Jane Getter] I think it’s a great way to get your music out there and exposed to people that may not have heard of you before. However, the ability to download music for free on the internet is destroying the music business. I don’t understand how people can think the music industry will survive if no one buys music. That is how we make a living and are able to produce new music.

Jane Getter
[Shreddelicious] If you had a chance to play with your ultimate band, picking from anyone alive or dead who would you pick?

[Jane Getter]

Alive - Jeff Beck, Chaka Kahn, Porcupine Tree, Youssou N'dour. Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails, Salif Keita, Allman Brothers and Wayne Shorter.

Deceased – Miles Davis, Weather Report, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Brecker, Joe Zawinal, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery and Led Zeppelin

[Shreddelicious] Have you ever had any live show disasters?

[Jane Getter] Not really…

[Shreddelicious] How do record your guitar videos?

Jane Getter
[Jane Getter]
Basically get someone else to video your gigs on a decent camera, not on an iphone (although I do have one video recorded on an iphone on youtube).

As far as lessons on video, I haven’t gotten into that. I teach privately at my house, at various schools, clinics and workshops and do lessons via skype.

[Shreddelicious] Illegal downloading... I think Milan Polak sums up the state of downloading today when a fan messaged Milan direct and asked "Hi, Milan Polak, can You give me some link of torrent where can I download You music? tnx". Milan replies “What's next? Asking me where I leave my car keys, so you can steal my car or where I keep my guitars to steal them because a guitar is too expensive for you...?!? Are you actually aware of the fact that making a CD costs MONEY? It's because of shit people like you that the music industry is dying because you want the music but you don't want to pay for it. Are you going to a restaurant to eat and drink and then don't pay because it is "too hi price"? Are you using Internet or your telephone but don't pay because it is "too hi price"?” 

What is your view on illegal music downloading?

[Jane Getter] Absolutely! I expressed this in an earlier answer. How do people like this think we make our living and are able to continue making music? It’s a business like any other. Without customers, the business dies.

The Loop - Jane Getter Band

[Shreddelicious] Can you tell us a bit about your Guitars and Amps?

[Jane Getter] I play a custom Stratocaster (I’m a Fender artist) based on a 1960’s Stratocaster and a 1971 Telecaster. I also have a beautiful Gibson 1957 ES 175.

My favorite amp is my circa 1990’s Mesa Boogie Mark V. I also have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for small gigs around town and an original Polytone from the 1980’s for jazz gigs. I have more guitars and amps but those are my main instruments.

For studio I use all of those guitars plus my 1972 D28 Martin and a beautiful 1980 Ovation nylon string. For amps I use the Boogie and Marshalls.

I am definitely not a gear nerd. Once I find something I like, I use it until it dies and then usually replace it with the same thing.

Too Much Fear - Jane Getter

[Shreddelicious] Can you tell us about your latest recording?

Jane Getter
[Jane Getter] “three” enters new musical territory for me. It’s a bit of a departure from my previous jazz-fusion style into more of a prog/rock-fusion style. I’m also singing lead on this record for the first time. I have 2 CD’s out prior to this one titled Jane on Lipstick Records and See Jane Run on Alternity Records.

[Web Sites]
Main: http://www.janegetter.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jane.getter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/janegetter
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thejanegetterband
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/janegetter


  1. You are awesome and so committed to making your own music-much respect and joy for your success!

  2. Very talented and a pleasure to hear and watch. With that kind of talent you should go far. Talent must run in the family.


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