Ariel Bellvalaire: Shredding the Subways... Guitar Girl talk to the rising star

Muriel Anderson: talks in detail with Guitar Girl magazine

Christie Lenée: The Engle has opened up new worlds of possibilities

Tina S: seriously perfect Vivaldi tribute

Freya Pomfret: 10 year old plays Steve Vai's parts in Orianthi's song Highly Strung

Irene Ketikidi: jumps to number 24 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for London, UK

Angela Tapias: Worship of the Nations - live clinic

Muriel Anderson: Band in a Box Guitar - amazing stuff!

Amy Lewis: Paranoid (Black Sabbath) Guitar Cover

Leah Marie King: I Smell Trouble - rocking the blues!

Phoenix Van Wyden: White Lion - Wait - Kramer Baretta 1984 Bullseye Reissue

Jess Woess: Rosanna - Toto guitar cover with solo

Itsuka Yamasaki: T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Iron Maidens tour dates including Colombia!

Amy Lewis: Satch Boogie (Joe Satriani)

Diana Paula Dudau: Joe Satriani - The Forgotten Part 2

Deeyana Angelo: Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You - 95,000+ views

Raquel Guerrero: inspired by Joe Satriani

Simone Dow: Voyager - The Meaning Of I - beat top pop bands in Aussie ABC video charts 2012

Tatyana Ryzhkova: Máximo Diego Pujol - Tango de Abril

Rebecca Scammon: Chaotic Negation's fundraiser demos with Ray Suhy

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Cyber Moon promo video from Kingdom of the sun

Iren Arutyunyan: one half of Le Chic Guitar Duo - How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar

Anouck André: Culture Clash, Jazzy lick... lent by Guthrie Govan

Ana Popovic: Can You Stand The Heat

Amanda Monaco: contemporary jazz guitar

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation's Indiegogo Campaign

Gretchen Menn: Max Crace limited-edition custom prints available

Blackest Cry: J.S. Bach: Prelude from Cello Suite II

Lita Ford: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, 24.7.2013

Alice Ducoin: first living luthiers "Seeds guitar" acoustic demonstration

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze announce Stamford CT date

Jewels: Statutory Ape/A Vulgar Picture - Black Dahlia Murder

Sally Gates: Orbweaver streaming new track from upcoming EP

Marta Altesa: Toto - Pamela - bass playthrough

Charlotte Trouvé: Superbus - Gogo Dance Show

Sheryl Bailey: Solo By Solo - highest order fusion

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Cyber Moon PV

Laura Klinkert: with David Botero @Evento "W Radio"

Wata: from Boris - Surprise In-Store Solo Performance

Vasso Dimitriou: Third Attempt - B-Project - Fusion band

Alejandra Mesliuk: C Major Scale With 3 Notes Per String - Economy Picking

Izzy Johnson: new tune with my new EMG 66 pickup

Orianthi: Live at Webster Hall New York 2013