Deeyana Angelo: Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You - 95,000+ views

Deeyana Angelo:
Me playing one of my favourite guitar instrumentals, a mix between live version and album version.

Guitar: lefty JS1200
Amp: Marshall 2061 2x12 cab with 2061x head
Pedals: Mad professor Red Fuzz, Boss DD7 Delay

Update: A couple of people asked me to put detailed settings for the tone I used in this track, so here they are:
2061x head: patched low input on lead channel to high input on bass channel with a short patch cable (if you look closely you can see it in the video)
Settings for Lead channel - tone: 5.8 vol: 1.5
Settings for Bass channel - tone: 6 vol: 1.8

Pedal settings:
Fire red fuzz - tone: 5 fuzz: 6
Delay - level: 5 feedback: 2.5 d.time: 3.8 mode: 800ms

I also added a bit of reverb in the sequencer in post-processing, used Perfect Space with Blues Club Far preset.
All of this was recorded with SM-57 trans-mod, into Neve 1084 preamp, into Prism 8XR.

Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You (Deeyana cover)