Sheryl Bailey: A Meeting of Minds - new CD

Marina Takahashi: On Every Street - Dire Straits

Esani Dey: playing guitar at just 11 years old

Mohini Dey, Esani Dey: jazz fusion bass and guitar prodigies with Victor Bailey

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell:Larkin Poe - Don't (Behind The Scenes)

Joyce Natali: Intro "Waves" and Carry On - Angra

Lari Basílio: with Sydnei Carvalho jamming at a workshop

Lari Basílio, Ana Karina Sebastião: Promo videos from the recent Expomusic 2014

Melody Kiser: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Karolina Sustova: You Keep on Moving and Too Late

Mia Coldheart, Klara Force: Crucified Barbara - Rockmeeting interview

Sarah Lipstate: Noveller European Tour Pt. 1

Jaylee Van Dae: Soulful Blues guitar jam - excellent jam session

Nili Brosh: talks about MacAlpine influence in Guitar Noize interview

Kelly Zullo: 120 Seconds (plus 30) - riotous acoustic guitar

News: Announcing the 2015 She Rocks Award Honorees!

Tina Hristova: with Svilena Georgieva and Friends - ''Otkrovenie''

Karolina Sustova: Peter Gunn Theme, Kashmir and Perfect Strangers

Joanne Shaw Taylor: starts her nationwide UK tour with special guest Bernie Marsden in November

Issabelth Przysiezniak: Finntroll - Solsagan

Gabriella Quevedo: I Can Wait Forever

Joanne Shaw Taylor, Laura Chavez: Bluesfest - Byron Bay, NSW, Australia 2014

Joanne Shaw Taylor: to appear on The Blues Corner Radio Show

Tatiana Pará: Practicing... captured on a cellphone

News: All girl teen band 17 Below performs for a private Halloween party.

Jacklyn Paulette: Queensryche - I will remember

Cinthyablackcat: Mystica Girls - The Gates of Hell

Miyako Watanabe: a DROP OF JOKER - "Beat Maker"

Divaldi Addina: Play Perpetual Burn Live at Mall Margo City-Depok

Ariel Bellvalaire: Computer Blue Solo by Prince

Sheryl Bailey: plays new McCurdy guitar - amazing jazz tones

Monica Valli: demos Teye Coyote and Fender Telecaster guitars

Julie Slick: Drift - Pigtronix Bass Station and Infinity Looper

Grainne Duffy: Wunderbar Weite Welt in Eppstein

Daniela Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Alejandra Villarreal: Enter Sandman - The Warning

Divaldi Addina: No Boundaries Speed kill- at Mall Margo City.

Yvette Young: Just got Mark Holcomb and Paul Masvidal Pro Tone Pedals

Tina Guo: TV appearances

Christie Lenée: with Tim Reynolds - Two Acoustic Guitars Call/Response

Radka Kasparcova: Black Magic Woman - great play through

Tina Hristova: with Metalworks - The Trooper (Live in Camden - London)

Anikina Kate: live in Blur Cafe - classy blues jamming

Christine Lanusse: Forro - Hermeto Pascoal - classy bass play through

Alexandra Zerner: Flight Of The Bumblebee - 8-string

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Vincent Lyons dramatises Ms Shaws blues playing for our delight

Vicki Genfan: guitar interactive interview

Paulitchas Carregosa, Isa Nielsen: Detonator and The Muses in the Metal Studio 2014

Nita Strauss,Amanda Somerville,Elize Ryd: extra guitar duties and vocalists announced for Dockers Guild Release

Vanessa Izabella: guitargirlmag Interview