Yvette Young: Hydra live at .strandberg* NAMM 2015

I had the great good fortune to see Yvette Young perform, the Covet track, Hydra live at .strandberg* booth NAMM 2015. I don't think I have seen a performance quite like it, almost like piano on guitar, one hand shaking the other with an exquisite elegance and emotional intensity.

Yvette Young http://www.facebook.com/yveyoung plays Hydra from her band Covet http://www.facebook.com/covetband

Boden 7 Guitar: https://www.facebook.com/strandbergGuitarworks.

Strings by Dunlop: http://www.JimDunlop.com/

Yvette Young: Hydra live at .strandberg* NAMM 2015