Burcu Ozdereli: Lean On Metal Cover

Erja Lyytinen: UK tour starts this Friday - dates and venues included

Jasmine Wong: Jamiroquai - Runaway - Bass

Federica Mapelli: Wicked Asylum - Enter Sandman live @ Club From Hell 2015

Anna Likhacheva: Manuel Ponce - Scerzino Mexicano - Rostov-on-Don, Russia 2015

Grianne Duffy: Shine Live @ Ørland Bluesfestival 2015

Tina Guo: Inner Universe - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T.

Alejandra Mesliuk: Strandberg Contest 2015

Emily Hastings: Top Gear guitar metal version

Anna Likhacheva: Homage a Julian Arcas - Rostov-on-Don, Russia 2015

Radka Kasparcova, Debbie Loftis: Free Bird at the Guitar Master Unite tour 2015

CarolinaEyck: My Funny Valentine - Theremin Session #1

Christie Lenée: Pure Like Rain

Stephanie Pickard: noodling for Strandberg Uppsala Guitar Competition

Chantel McGregor: Chantel McGregor - Take the Power rocking video from new album plus UK tour dates

Jace Parales: Mayones Duncan jam

Debora Valençay: Sex on Fire

Josephine Andriani: Tempesta [original]

Genny Jam: Beatles - Come Together Solo - Pebble to Pearl Cover

Antra Lante: Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody Guitar Fingerstyle cover

Giulia Marta Vallar: playing November Rain outro guitar solo

Mariko Cello: The sound of Turquoise

Mai Agan: Agan/Carlsson/Andersson - Blue in green

Ami Inokyo: Smooth Criminal with Inokyo Ken - joint guitar recital Tokyo

Allegra Eidinger: Space Cadet - Kyuss - charting progression with the bass.

Dani Wilde: 'Mississippi Kisses' Live at Kofferfabrik, Germany 2015

Tina Guo: Official Video- The Last of the Mohicans Main Theme

Georgia Germein, Clara Germein, Elfie Germein: NewcomerTV Nacht in der Musikhalle Portstraße in Oberursel

Kayla Pence: Finding My Way- Rush (cover) killer live performance

Chaconne Klaverenga: Paganini Caprice No. 5

Lari Basílio: highlights from Lari's visit to Expomusic 2015

Isa Nielsen: Hendrix Little Wing with Kleber K Shima - Expomusic 2015

Dani Wilde: Guitar Solo Mississippi Kisses Live

Leticia Filizzola: Ideas - Finally made it to Berklee!

Alexandra Zerner: This is a lick from my composition "Memoirs Of A Geisha"

Jess Greenberg: Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Dulce Zuloaga, Flor Zuloaga: Baby Dollz - Voodoo EP Preview

Brittany Paige: riffing on Guitar - High Priestess riffs

Mayuko Okai, Tsuzumi Okai: Highway To Hell - Lucky Strike Jam

Courtney Cox: Number Of The Beat and Last In Line - Lucky Strike Jam with Kirsten Rosenberg

Momo: Crying - Yngwie Malmsteen - 15years old

Maru Martinez: Protest The Hero - Sequoia Throne with friend Tristan

Julia Smith: promo video of the track Cocktail Iódice

Fisa Popkova: Pull The Curtains – Heartbroken promo video

Ariane Cap: Pentatonic Playground For Bass - Introduction

Nicole Papastavrou: Gear Gods Weekly Riff - Katabases - Meridiem

Fisa Popkova: Born of osiris - exist

Nadia Kich: two bass tapping etudes with Choco Slayc

Bruna Terroni: play through of Stream Of Counsciousness - Dream Theater

Lydia Warren: with Mike Welch Eddie's Tuesday Night All Stars 2015