Jane Getter: talks to Mike Levine for audiofanzine.com about the new album

Let's talk about your guitar sounds Jane. What kinds of guitars were you using mainly on the album?

JG: The main guitar that I used on the album was made by a company called "Peekamoose," a custom guitar. It's a small guitar shop in New York City, and the guy that made it was originally the Fender repair person. And I met him through that, because I was a Fender artist for a little while. He was working on my guitars for a few years, and then he surprised me with this beautiful guitar. It's a Strat style guitar with humbuckers, which is perfect for me. Since he'd been working on my guitars for years, he knew how I liked to set them up, and he knows my colors. I just did a gear video which is going to come out soon. But if you look at the documentary, you'll see the guitar. So I used that on most of the album. I also used a '71 Tele that I have, that I used on "Train Man." And I have a custom Strat that Fender made for me, that's styled after a 1960's Strat, that's on a couple of tunes, also. But my main guitar is the Peekamoose.

Did you use a particular amp for the sessions?

Yes. Do you know Andy Fuchs? He's out of Clifton, New Jersey. It’s another small boutique fantastic amp. It's a head, the Fuchs Full House 50 with a 2x12 cabinet. And that's the only amp I used on the whole album. I used just board delays and reverbs and stuff like that [for ambience]. I used the amp for the main distorted sound and the clean sound. I do have this one Maxon overdrive pedal that I used for the softer distortion. Like on the solo at the end of "Falling.” The rest is all studio plug-ins and stuff – all the other effects.