Diana Rein: SRV Hideaway - song originally recorded by Freddie King in 1960

Hideaway is a song originally recorded by Freddie King in 1960 and it was then performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan most notably at the start of his 1982 performance at The Montreaux Music Festival.

I love SRV and that puts me in great company with many other people that feel that special connection with him. He was an amazing player, but more so than that, he had an amazing spirit and kindness about him and I think that this is what ultimately makes us love SRV the most. His huge heart and his obvious passion for making music make him undeniably the best.

You are forever missed Stevie. Never Forgotten.

Hope this makes you smile up in Heaven Stevie. I have been waiting for so long to dedicate something to you. To give back the love of music and guitar that you have given me.

Recorded/Mixed Mastered by Diana Rein
Using Garageband, EZDRummer, EZMix
Bass, Guitar, Vocals-Diana Rein

Video by Diana Rein
Using Canon T3i and Final Cut Pro X

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HIDEAWAY- SRV Cover by Diana Rein