Jassy J: Oversense - Purgatory - Album: The Storyteller (2017) guitar playthrough

Jennifer Batten: at the NAMM Show 2018 "Breakfast Of Champions"

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: with Glen Sobel Chris Wyse Leah Martin Brown Soundcheck Live NAMM 2018

Joan Gong: (龚钊Asa) - Ocean- John Butler Cover

Shi Eun Yeo: 여시은 playing funky music guitar cover

Filippa Nässil: Rig Rundown with Thundermother guitarist and live performance from Leyendas Del Rock Festival 2017

Cris Nominato: Lluvia Fúnebre - Fear solo

Zarina Rybakova: MisionericA - Semantic SC with Faun Der - metal acoustic

Stephanie Jones: with Jakob Schmidt - Hallelujah by L. Cohen

Asya Selyutina: Johann Kaspar Mertz Elegie and Nikita Koshkin Prelude and Fugue in b-flat minor

Talia Bellazecca: FROZEN CROWN - Kings (Official Video) 4K UHD

Tanya O'Callaghan: "Pink Panther Theme"

Alexandra Whittingham: live classical performances

Genessa Gariano, Lydia Night: The Regrettes "Seashore" Acoustic Version

Jess Lewis: Rain (Original)

Diana Rein: Queen of My Castle Pre-Order and Fundraiser

Daphne Helena De Iuliis: Summer Song (Joe Satriani) Cover

Melyananda Putu: Rain (ruben wan)

Jimena Fosado: Available for lessons

Yulia Volkonskaya: J. S. Bach - Siciliana исп. Юлия Волконская - Yamaha THR 10

Ali McGuirk: Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar

Sonya Rae Taylor: Live Band at City Winery

Juliana Vieira: Big Jet Plane - ALOK +SOLO #JamStyle

Erja Lyytinen: Recorded at the 100 Club in London in October 2014

Erika Ragtiny: live highlights from the band Zettai featuring Erika

Radka Kasparcova: Blue Eclipse performing at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis

Charly Bliss: Westermarck | Audiotree Music Festival 2017

Caterina Crucitti: with Gigi Cifarelli: @ La Salumeria della Musica (2015)

Magda Azzilonna: Some Skunk Funk by Brecker Brothers

Yue Miyagi: Grade8 Technical Exercise Funk

Desiree Bassett: History Reel

Bruna Tsuruda: Rolling Stones Brasil #11 (Gimme Shelter)

Melody Angel: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot (Cover)

Amanda Johnson: improv over a backing track.

Hannah Murphy: 5 DIY Guitar Hacks

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: Larkin Poe - George Thorogood Cover ("Bad To The Bone")

Stephanie L. Denis: #Guitarded S1E1 Coming Jan 31st 2018

Yue Miyagi: Sir duke/ Stevie Wonder【Guitar Cover#3】

Lexy Lexey: great ZZ Top style noodling

Hilal Luna: Guthrie Govan - Larry Carlton style - until the power went off...

Keilla Rezende: Most High, if your glory is to hide, my glory is to know you!

Blare N Bitch: Black Sabbitch - new live video and US tour dates

MIYU: One Man Live World Metal Maker 2016

Isa Nielsen: Volkana - Live in Curitiba

Caroline Landahl: Hater - Heavy hearts - Live Paris 2018Hater - Heavy hearts - Live Paris 2018

Gabriella Quevedo: Time in a bottle

Sima Bustami: Rush-YYZ Guitar Solo Cover

Jennifer Batten: Interview - Jeff Beck & Michael Jackson Guitarist & Independent Artist - ELG#135

Yvette Young: Blossom and Glimmer (Bootleg Live)

Sophie Burrell: available for Skype lessons