Jassy J: Oversense - Purgatory - Album: The Storyteller (2017) guitar playthrough

Oversense - Purgatory - Album: The Storyteller (2017) guitar playthrough by Danny, Marcel & Jassy =) (Original Song) MERCH =D

ENG: Soooo let's end the last friday of January with a blast! Many of you waited for news about me playing in a band and I am most happy that Oversense welcomed me as their new fifth member playing the second lead guitar! This is a guitar playthrough of our song "Purgatory". If you like it make sure to check out the debut album on Spotify! =) Have fun! \m/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/2s2E3a8FosQdQvs1r8KHYd

Tuning: D Standard PLEASE NOTE: This isn't the original song mix of the album. We've put up the guitar in volume and added my parts in the audio so that we have the focus on the guitars =) I used my Panasonic Lumix 4K cam for the video DEU: Der letzte Freitag im Januar wird etwas Besonderes! =) Seit Dezember spiele ich bei Oversense und wir haben uns entschieden zu unserem Song "Purgatory" ein Guitar Playthrough aufzunehmen! Falls euch die Musik gefällt, hört doch einfach in das Debütalbum auf Spotify rein! =)