Soyul: My grand father's clock guitar Rock version

Huck is the limit of the number of characters in the middle of uploading for the first time ㅋ Today is the grandfather's clock ... It is a very famous song! I've covered the song that arranges that shake in a rock version (something is twisted). It's been a long time since I uploaded a solo video! (It was probably the last time Grettiud was ...) I like songs that have been arranged as rock versions of classical music for a long time .. I wanted to upload them before I finally got it! But I think it is too hard for me too ㅠ I have a lot of unfortunate parts ... I look up! ㅎ (something like today, I feel a lot more talked about) feeling a lot of hair! In fact, I have a lot of hair, dyes and Straight Firm, and I'm really worried about it in the Firm. (I feel like the number of all cases is out of my feeling.) Now I have prepared 3 songs and Canon variations ... etc. I will raise my lips! ㅋㅋ 20,000 subscribers are planning to broadcast live! Maybe I will go on Friday night from 8:30 to 10:30 for 2 hours .. If you have a specific plan, I will write back to the community! I do not know what will happen when I live in the live broadcasting .. I do not know what it will be .. ㅠㅠ [Hongdae / hajeong] Inquiry is a message or katok soul0099 please contact me ^^ Is in the Naver Cafe ^^ I will come to play the guitar Cafe

soyul)my grand father's clock guitar Rock ver. 할아버지의 시계 기타 락