Tora Dahle Aagård: Best Guitar Practices of Toradaa from 2019 Video - Guitar Music

Chelsea Constable: La Grange - ZZ Top/Billy Gibbons Outro Solo

Nikki Stringfield: "Harmonies For The Haunted" Track Reveal

Julia Kosterova: Queen - The Show Must Go On Guitar Solos

Nita Strauss: Bus Invaders Ep. 1405

Jen Majura: Coffee with Ola - Jen of Evanescence

Sherry Lin: Floating in Space

Rachelf: Ghost - Dance Macabre (Cover)

Chena Roxx: Sylosis - Empyreal Sweep Solo

Yulia Volkonskaya: Periphery - Scarlet (guitar riff)

Nita Strauss : Coffee with Ola - Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper

Emma Ejwertz: Boys of Summer- Girls of Summer Don Henley

Lari Basílio: Redeemed - Seymour Duncan Five-Two Strat Set

Nagisa: Sakanaction's “Arc Around” was played by 4 GIRLFRIEND members on one guitar!

Gretchen Menn, Holly West: Kashmir, Dazed And Confused Santa Rosa 2019

Erja Lyytinen: Wedding Day Live @ Le Forum Vauréal France 2019

Marina Krupkina: 2nd album is coming! crowdfunding begins! - English Subtitles

Jassy J: System of A Down - Prison Song

Juliana Wilson: Chasqui by Gy D Guitars

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Yoon Se Na, Hwang Yoo Jin: DIH - 2 Minutes To Midnight and Crazy Friday2019

Yoon Se Na: DIH Sena's Guitar Review

Ayu Gusfanz: Joe Satriani - Love Eternal

Lari Basílio: Far More Album GEAR: GNI Music - English Subtitles

Adna Mahic: Seka Aleksic - Sahara (guitar cover)

Elena Verrier: Cynic - How Could I (SOLO)

Erin Coburn: A Night to Remember | Alzheimer's Benefit

Janet Feder: Angles and Exits | T H I S C L O S E |

Laura Klinkert: Sin Prisa (live)

KT Chang: Elephant Gym - 2019 The Blue Tour - Canada & USA with Tell Chang

Whitney Petty: Rig Rundown - Thunderpussy - Premier Guitar

Nikki Stringfield: Harmonies for the Haunted - Debut EP pre order

Joyce Cooling: Living Out Loud new EP

Soyul: Shin hae chul-to you guitar cover

Samantha Fish: 2nd annual Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea II Mediterranean Cruise 2020 with Joe Bonamassa

Liheia Metzengerstein: Nevermore - This Sacrament - Solo Cover

Iree, Choi Hyun: Misery Business (Paramore) by Rolling Quartz 아이리 and 최현정

Yewon Shin: Extreme_Get The Funk Out

Esprila Mariane, Brena Amancio, Bruna Tsuruda, Lais Nunes, Carol Silcs: Mines Jam # 3

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: with Eric Gales, Baby Please Don't Leave Me - 2019 Mediterranean KTBA Cruise

Katrin Child: Pitchblack - I Spit Blood

Moriah Formica: Knickerbacker Park Lansingburgh NY, 2019

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Andrea González Caballero: Sevilla (isaac Albéniz)

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Yuki: Lightning Speed RRR Studio Live IRONBUNNY feat. Yuki from D_Drive

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Marion Gaillard: Spice Cake - Ibanez Sabre 1625

Sophie Lloyd, Georgia Bell: The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening (SHRED VERSION)