Jessica Kaline: Naima - Coltrane (version Fusion)

When I started to study some jazz themes at the University, I had the guidance of my teacher on some paths for improvisation. One of the most recurring practices, especially among jazz and fusion guitarists, is to keep the scales and arpeggios of the chords as close as possible, within the same region and avoid unnecessary displacement. In this video, I'm applying a little bit of this study in the improvisation part. I don't strictly follow the concept, I also try to sound in a musical way, but I keep the scales close by also using chromatisms to connect the notes of the chords, varying the region a little. If you liked this approach and would like to improve your improvisation, I can guide you by showing you some ways. I'm opening vacancies for online classes. Limited places! Contact me and we will evolve

Naima - Coltrane (version Fusion) by Jessica Kaline