Ami Inoi: Bach for the first time in a while

Ami Inoi: 猪居 亜美 - 聖母の御子 El Noi de la Mare

Ami Inoi: El Noi de la Mare

Ami Inoi: Marty Friedman - ROCK FUJIYAMA channel

Ami Inoi: Forever Love: X JAPAN

Ami Inoi: Caprice Variations Variation 2: Presto (G.Rochberg)

Ami Inoi: 猪居 亜美 I competed in the competition in America

Ami Inoi: 猪居 亜美 Hymne à l'amour

Ami Inoi: Evanescence / My Immortal + I Was Made For Lovin' You

Ami Inoi: Numb / Linkin Park + I Was Made For Lovin' You / KISS

Ami Inoi: Distortion effect pedals on a nylon string guitar

Ami Inoi : Classical Guitar vs Electric Guitar 猪居 亜美

Ami Inoi: from Air - Jason Becker

Ami Inoi: This Masquerade / Leon Russell

Ami Inoi: classical guitarist played DICE on an electric guitar.

Ami Inoi: classical guitarist playing an electric guitar

Ami Inoi: MEDUSA by Thomas Fellow

Ami Inoi: Classical guitarist played red on an electric guitar.

Coin of Happiness from "At the End of Matinee"

Ami Inoi: Arai Yuki (Matsutoya Yuki)