Jikki: new track - Body's End from the new album

Jikki: Irohauta | Transient the new album

Jikki: Irohauta | Transient - The US-Japan Cooperation second album by the original songs female rock guitarist

Jikki: new albu m looks ready and video from the 43rd Tokyo guitar show!

Jikki: CD production woes scupper the Irohauta | Transient sophomore release

Jikki: more talks with Billy Sheehan whilst working on Jikki's new album

Jikki,Billy Sheehan: part 2 of the interview - talking about recording

Jikki: Billy Sheehan interviewed by Jikki during the recording session

Jikki,Billy Sheehan: in the recording studio

Jikki: recording Jikki's 2nd album "Irohauta / Transient" with English subtitles

Jikki: demos the Vox SDC-22

Jikki: Death and Rebirth of the Soul - great rock instrumental

Jikki: VOX SDC-22 - woman knitting!