Mimi: Helpless solo- John Mayer

Mimi: Moving to London to go for my dream...

Mimi: The Doobie Brothers ‘What a Fool Believes’ but with a guitar riff

Mimi: Michael Jackson's Thriller but with a guitar solo

Mimi: My Cherie Amour- Stevie Wonder

Mimi: Wild Blue solo- John Mayer

Mimi: Funky guitar groove

Mimi: Funk blues riff on a 1996 Fender Strat

Mimi: Motown Style Guitar Jam (Original)

Mimi: sunday funk solo + Couldn't Stand the Weather Collab


Mimi: Fender Blues Junior

Mimi: Try- John Mayer + Tennessee Jed

Mimi: Telecaster jam (original) Mimi

Mimi: Studio Jam- 80s Vibes (original)

Mimi : jam etudes

Mimi: slow blues jam

Mimi: sunday blues licks

Mimi: Blues riff + A Dios le Pido + Superstition + Cold Shot

Mimi: Studio Jam- The Sun and Back