Mimi: World of Love- (original song)

Mimi: 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers milestone

Mimi: The Stevie Ray Vaughan Overdrive Sound!

Mimi: Fire- Jimi Hendrix

Mimi: Soft and Rhythmic

Mimi: Dirty Diana- Michael Jackson

Mimi: The Loner- Gary Moore

Mimi: pretty isn't pretty- Olivia Rodrigo

Mimi: Mary Had a Little Lamb (SRV)

Mimi: Tommy Katona Invited Me on Stage

Mimi: We Bought Stevie Ray Vaughan's Guitar

Mimi: These guitars BLEW my MIND

Mimi: Top 3 Guitar Pedals

Mimi: 80's style guitar shredding

Mimi: Announcement!

Mimi: Sunflower- Original by Mimisounds

Mimi: thank you PRS for sending me this!!!

Mimi: Home Studio Tour: I moved house!

Mimi: Fingerstyle Guitar Lullaby

Mimi: Building a Pedalboard for 80s guitar tone!