Mimi: Fender invited to me to their NEW artist showroom!

Mimi: Danger Zone- Top Gun

Mimi: i Bought My Dream Guitar

Mimi: record my guitar ANYWHERE in the world

Mimi: Guitar Session Legend TIM PIERCE

Mimi: NAMM day 2

Mimi: NAMM

Mimi: interview: answering YOUR questions!

Mimi: My new custom built guitar is incredible.

Mimi: Exploring Custom Shop Strats and Vintage Synthesisers

Mimi: Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys

Mimi : Human Nature- Michael Jackson

Mimi: God Only Knows- The Beach Boys

Mimi: Unboxing Pedal Pawn's 'Gypsy Vibe'

Mimi: Little Saint Nick- The Beach Boys

Mimi: Stevie Ray Vaughan Style on the New Vintage Strat

Mimi: My first VINTAGE Stratocaster!

Mimi: Don't Worry Baby- The Beach Boys

Mimi: Helpless solo- John Mayer

Mimi: Moving to London to go for my dream...