Sina,Jasmine Star: Eruption

Lucy Gowen, Sina, Cara Joshi: Andy Timmons Electric Gypsy

Sina, Jasmine Star: YYZ - Rush Cover

Juna Serita, Sina: Tiny Voice (Chi Might II)

Sina, Juna Serita, Emma Marie: Good Day For The Blues (Chi Might II); Sina feat. Emma Marie

Sina , Juna Serita: Put It On (Chi Might II); Sina feat. Charlotte Zone

Juna Serita, Sina: Put It On (Chi Might II); featuring Charlotte Zone

Avonlea, Sina: Something by The Beatles - Avonlea and her brand new Custom Ukulele!

Sina: Voggy's Outdoor Ukulele; Review

Sina: Big Ben goes ACDC

Sina: Drums and Bass - Always With Me Always With You

Sina: Chi Might; Album of the Year Kickstarter

Sina: Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang - playing ALL instruments.

Kara Glazer: Fate - Chi Might-Project with Sina drummer!

Sina: Chi Might - Overture from the new album project

Sina: drummer provides an album preview - Musicians Wanted

Sina: Van Halen - Right Now; piano, drum, guitar, bass cover