Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: San Diego Interview + NAMM 2012

Nita Strauss: with 9 Electric - The Roxy Hollywood 2012

Eilidh McKellar,Hayley Mclean: join brotherhood of Guitar

Reno Schnell: with the Peter Sonntag band

Milena Broniowska: live at the Muikmesse 2012

Alicia Marie Venchuk: All Shook Up

Aline Fernandes,Eduardo Zanetti: covers You Can't Save Me

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love

Divaldi Addina: Carparelli Guitars Endorsement

Camila Simont: Rest In Peace, God bless you - Fly my little wing!

Galina Vale: live night

Cinthya Blackcat: The Flight of the Bumble bee

Polina Slavskaya: Hollow Mirror

Simone Dow: Voyagers mean shredder

Annalisa Flo: To the stage

Ariel Bellvalaire: Over The Mountain Solo

Jacqui Taylor: two handed guitar original

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss, Nili Brosh: three top view count videos with the Iron Maidens

Abby Clutario: tapping with Fuseboxx

Alejandra Mesliuk: Fragile -Edgardo Lopez en concierto

Sarah Longfield: talks new album and CAFO lesson

Bonnie Raitt, Maia Sharp: Duet from Slipstream album

Abby Clutario: Fuseboxx got her tapping lit!

Heather Williams: Truth In Shredding on her guitar :)

News: Female Guitar Players video series

Sarah Longfield: Par Avion album available

Eilidh McKellar: New web site and news update

Heather Williams: Your name on my guitar fund raiser

Katrina Johansson: Live at The Back Bar 2008 plus interview

Lori Linstruth: Warbride The Tower - stunning!!!

Yvette Young: for a day fred could fly - original electric and acoustic versions

News: Help just 4% away from helping Jason Becker... please help!

Alessandra Funaro: this fusion cat's got claws

Jess Lewis,Alex Hutchings: Room 335:

Kasia Maliszewska: C4 live show announced

Joanne Shaw Taylor: classy blues

Hayley McLean: Little Wing (live)

Kelly Rosenthal: 25 best guitar riffs

Anna Yerina: Tributes to Wes Montgomery and George Benson

Jessica Gardlund: Bach Invention for Harpsichord no8

The Commander-In-Chief: 7 stringer interviewed

Nili Brosh,Tony MacAlpine: Budapest - Dream Mechanism 2012

Sarah Longfield: completed debut album

Lena Mashkina,Dmitri Maloletov: Tapping! Two persons play one guitar!

Nili Brosh,Tony MacAlpine: Pyrokinesis live

Tatyana Kalinicheva: PRS custom 24 - Engl classic

Zoe Thomson: 4,220,924 views!

Wendy Phua: tapped bass solo

Jennifer Batten: DigiTech Clinic great live series

Jennifer Batten: detonando

Irene Ketikidi: "Blue Bug" competition

Maria Sol Quintas: two classy bluesy tunes

Lari Basilio: instrumental guitar EP coming soon

Anahi Zenay: Blues Fusion

Lori Linstruth: Sweep arpeggio lessons

Divaldi Addina: Perpetual Burn, tribute to Jason Becker

Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine: Tears Of Sahara Kraków 2012

Diana Dudau: Andy James Advanced Rhythm Performance

Metalia Ivory: great tapping vignette

Jessica Ache: coffee driven tapping improvisation

Michelle Meldrum: Facebook tribute site

Shani Kimelman: Greg Howe's After Hours

Yvette Young: tapping Pterattack!

Joe Wild: 7 String Slanderous cover

Pat Wilder: French Blues Girl Live Paris - 12/03/201

Katrina Johansson: Driven

Shani Kimelman: Racer X - Technical Difficulties

Lena Mashkina: 8-finger tapping

Kaki King, Malina Moye, Marnie Stern: Announcing the Women's Music Summit

Yasi Hofer: Suhr improvisation

Ashly Badgett: great jam session

Ally Salem: Mrs Scary!

Roberta Raschellà : Guitar Day Aosta 2011

Jessica Miller: Flamenco - after two years playing

Paula Jo Taylor: Hot Country Picking

Carina Alfie: Al Rojo Vivo live clinic demonstration

Jodee Frawlee: guitar player mag contest top 10 finalist

Joe Wild: great cover of Welcome to Bucketheadland

Eilidh McKellar: great tribute to Robben Ford

Katalina González: Tapping solo live

Nori Bucci: awesome live solo with Gamalon

Kimberly Allison: Still Remember great blues solo live

Laurie Buchanan: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Faneza Izabella: lefty delivers some cool rock fusion jamming

Desiree Bassett: All along the watcher tower

Shian Hirsch: little wing solo

Becky Langan: Dueling Ninjas

Mira Fana: Metal Instrumental

Angel Stephanie: Devil Take Tomorrow

Ana Popovic: Blues for M

Jennifer Batten: AAA Blues

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: The Trooper 215,000 plus viewers

Maki Swamp Static: Blues solo

Kumi Adachi: Kunoichi Japan

Malina Moye: Name the Bootsy Girl Guitar Winner!

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Iron Maidens Guaranda 2012 series

Ariel Bellvalaire: Over The Mountain Solo

Prika Amaral: Nervosa - Masked Betrayer - heavy as hell

Divaldi Addina: the future of guitar?

Nili Brosh,Tony MacAlpine: Vlad Toma tour photos

Sunmi Kim: got the blues

Carolyn Wonderland: Wind Cries Mary on the worlds smallest guitar

Liz Rainsberry: Depth - Prelude

Amy Schugar: interview

The Commander-In-Chief: 22 year old Norwegian 7stringer "The Commander-In-Chief" confirmed for Bloodstock 2012

Camila Simont: Michelle Beatles Chord Melody RIP

Camila Simont: the lost youtube channel found

Sarah Longfield: Azure


Diana Loura: Tribute to Joe Satriani

Camila Simont: murdered on her Birthday with her mother... RIP