Camila Simont: Rest In Peace, God bless you - Fly my little wing!

Rest In Peace - little angel
Rest In Peace, God bless you:

Tragic News (translated via google): A homeless man killed two women stabbed, last night in the neighborhood of Ademar City, south of Sao Paulo.

Around 20h, one neighbour called the police after noticing a strange move in next door. Arriving on the scene, the MPs met the two women bloodied and lying on the ground: Maria da Silva Cleuza Moutinho, 61, and her daughter Camila Silva Moutinho, 24.

The rescue was fired but when arrived at the scene found that the wounds were already dead. According to police, a homeless man stabbed the two women after asking for $ 10 and not be satisfied. Also according to the police, Mary always helped the suspect.


01. Moreno Hassem
02. Pilho
03. Mateus Schaffer
04. Rodolfo Zlora
05. Fred Berlowitz
06. Harã Lemes
07. Hussein Haddad
08. Eduardo Marcolino
09. Marcus Aielo
10. Jordi Amorim
11. Claudio Passamani
12. Bruno Michel
13. Luis Avila
14. Fred Andrade
15. Vinicius Maffei
16. Gustavo Faustino
17. Pedro Bizelli
18. Cláudio Pereira
19. Zirmão
20. Marcio Armoa

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