Jane Smith: announces Godboxfx Effects Pedal

Lisa Parédès: tribute to Joe Stump

Kasia Maliszewska: C-4 Band - Friselious

Sophia Di: Kewl Kiwi delivers Periphery - All New Materials

Lzzy Hale: Scotty Mars Talks Halestorm

Nili Brosh: talks about the Jason Becker movie

Irene Ketikidi: Extended Pentatonic Licks - great new lesson

Satoru Suzuki: becomes a Daisy Rock Artist

Courtney Cox,Satoru Suzuki: The Iron Maidens, Brazil 2011

Stephanie Pickard: On Band Happy

Sharon Aguilar: Fem Zeppelin at the Malibu Inn

News: Female metal Bands Facebook page

Jessica Miller: practising Tapping part in Spires

Nori Bucci: Gamalon complete show

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella photo gallery

Vincent Praise: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven solo

Jessica Gardlund: tribute to Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue

The Commander-In-Chief,Orianthi: Bloodstock, Live shows and Laney Amplifiers

Aimee Doucette: August Burns Red - Meddler

Ciara Camacho: Born Of Osiris - Abstract Art tribute

Briana Alexis: kicking axe with Absinthe

Sarah Longfield: lighter moment with Uke and vocals

Kimberly Allison: featured on

Sharon Aguilar: Fem Zeppelin live shots and show

Jennifer Batten: Latest tour dates as fans show their appreciation

Sarah Longfield: new custom guitar is complete

Juliana Vieira: Back in Black - AC DC

Eva Vergilova: Amanda Marshall - Beautiful Goodbye

Kasia Maliszewska: C-4 Band live

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl demos two new pedals

Zoe Thomson: from Shred to John Mayer's blues!

Nori Bucci, Bruce Brucato: Bucci Brucato Guitar Duo announce a live date

Lzzy Hale: Halestorm interview

Vicki Genfan: Atomic Reshuffle, CD release party highlight

Sarah Michelle: tribute to Joe Bonamassa

Eilidh Mckellar: Living Room Jam for the The Herald newspaper

Annie Grunwald: Ukulele Tapping

Abby Clutario: Fuseboxx - Pagbalik

Sarah Michelle: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rude Mood

Jessica Miller: Kiko Loureiro Enfermo

Rachel Cornette: Symphony of Destruction

Georgia Patterson: Hendrix and SRV jams

Maki Swamp Static: super cover of classic Gypsy Kings track

Carina Alfie: tribute to Steve Vai - peace and love.

Katalina González: Mandala II - original

Maki Swamp Static: Kimono Blues

Kumi Adachi,Kyoji Yamamoto: Super Guitar Gig

The Commander-In-Chief: Laney gives The Commander-In-Chief an endorsement

EITA: three of the best from Japanese super tapper

Zoe Thomson: special compilation video

Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine: Hundreds of Thousands - France 2012

Kate Anikina: speed picking technique lesson

Stine Lindseth: "Satch Boogie" 2009

Donna Grantis: Jazz Rock Solo

Claire Prendergast: Cover of Andy McKee Drifting

Elizabeth Schall: from Dreaming Dead!

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella at the Mystic Theatre

Nili Brosh: Through The Looking Glass

Nita Strauss: Consume The Fire

Prika Amaral: Nervosa - "Masked Betrayer" - heavy hitters

Guitar Cobra: she's ready to strike!

Jennifer Batten: Michael Jackson and MI Reunion

Sarah: acoustic tapping Busker from Australia

Desiree Bassett, Tina Guo: Beat It

Alexandra Maiolo: Couldn't stand the weather

Mira Fana: Assassin's Creed 2 OST

Cari Dell: Little Wing with a guy who is really digging this track!

Carina Alfie: Visions and Vinka

Eva Vergilova: Jimi Hendrix`s Voodoo Child

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Dreaming Eyes

Irene Ketikidi: Shreddelicious ten of the best interview