Yvette Young: not only a tapper but a piano jammer too!

Irene Ketikidi: Brings a Happy Birthday to Shreddelicious

Alanis Morissette: Guardian Live at Montreux 2012

Jelena Kiric: Death - Spirit Crusher

Irene Ketikidi: on tour with Colm Kirwan

Briana Alexis: Absinthe - Slayer

Iren Arutyunyan: Contreras '10th Anniversary

Renáta Katona: The Mayones - Seymour Duncan Solo Contest

Sarah Michelle: Stevie Ray Vaughan 'Pride and Joy'

Joe Wild: Lies of the Beautiful People - Sixx: A.M

Miki Kato: ZAP and Roundabout

Gretchen Menn: gets German magazine feature

Miki Kato: Frame By Frame and 21st Century Schizoid Man!!!

Jess Lewis: Rabbit - This Town Needs Guns

Divaldi Addina: The Coming Storm - World Vision

Giulia Casula: Another Brick In The Wall and Sultan of Swing

Donna Grantis: with Third Eye Girl

Julia Kosterova: Springs Of Time EP preview

Gretchen Menn: New Interview on Pure Guitar

Jess Lewis: 26 Is Dancier Than 4 - This Town Needs Guns

Jess Lewis: Baboon - This Town Needs Guns

Donna Grantis: Bluescafe Apeldoorn NL

Annie Grunwald: becomes Seymour Duncan artist!

Carina Alfie: Shakti - promo video

Luna Lee: Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix - Chinese Harp

Taylor George: Epilogue for Lisa - Shawn Lane tribute

Samantha Wells: performing on John Beckett classical guitar

Jackie Rocks: Slither solo by Velvet Revolver

Ludmila Oliveira: A História de Lily Braun - tapping

Yvette Young: people say I look like jackie chan (acoustic version with lyrics)

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Revel in Realization

Irene Ketikidi: promo CD's arrive... not long before online version is available

Anna Likhacheva: concert in Germany 2012

Mashuggah Halcyon: Harp - Animals as Leaders - On Impulse