Macyn Taylor: plays Vaseline Machine Gun by Leo Kottke

Sophia Radisch: set to release a track featuring Glen Drover

Laura Klinkert: available for guitar lesson tuition

Irin Prechanvinit: The Old lime tree, two stunning performances!

Elena Ashimova: A day in November - a beautiful promo performance video

Sun Xuanxuan: Chaccone by Bach, Prelude No 1 - two excellent performance pieces

Tatiana Kurenchakova: pro shot video J Rodrigo En los trigales

Liu Siying: classical elegance in London - Sevilla,Cordoba and Fugue

Ana Vidovic: Discuss Tuning Machines with Jorg Graf

Sarah Longfield: Kill The Music Podcast #32 - 22 minutes of Longfield interview goodness

Alissia Benveniste: Holdin' On super funky Bass

Arielle: Jeff Young singing praises for former guitar student at GIT/MI

Madde Ceder: Imber EP "The Breaking Point" is up on Spotify again!

Annie Grunwald: Ibanez Seymour Duncan NAMM 2014

Jess Lewis: Bass Song No.4

Annie Grunwald: Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap Cover - available from bandcamp

Alicyn Yaffee: Crobot - Robot blues... It's serious

Stéfany Duarte,Emily Hastings: with Warleyson Almeida - uitar Trio

Jess Lewis: Bass Song No.3

Laura Klinkert: Metalcore Guitar Solo

Tara McLeod, Morgan Lander: Help Kittie Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary with a Documentary DVD and Book!

Alexandra Maiolo: excellent tribute t"SRV" Eric Johnson cover

Alexandra Maiolo: Brief Encounter (Jan Cyrka) cover

Giulia Tudisco: 16 year old girl playing blues and "Cryin" by Joe Satriani

Anna Portalupi: to play with Hardline at Frontiers Rock Festival

Jacqueline Mannering: Chopin - Fantasie [Bumblefoot's Guitar Challenge]

Nita Strauss: special announcement

Ash Soular: Kickstarter appeal - The Remnant - Debut Album

Heike Matthiesen: Adagio Cantabile Aus Der Sonate Op.13

Nita Strauss: Tetris the new track by Critical Hit

Nili Brosh: Tony MacAlpine - Empire in the Sky - Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA 2014

Irene Ketikidi: MizStefani's House BIG interview - ROCtober 2013

Tatiana Pará: Jimi Hendrix - "All Along The Watchtower" by Crats Team

Gabriella D'Ambrosio: Do Not Forget Me - original composition

Sharon Prudencio: Recording Guitar Riffs For The Upcoming Timelapse EP

Debora Valençay: demos her new guitar a Tagima TG5050 Premium

Cissie Goumare: Milk Lizard - The Dillinger Escape Plan by Cissie on guitar

Irene Ketikidi: iphone sat on the amp soloing

Mia Borders: BlueBroad captures live show in NYC 1-11-13

Samantha Fish: Blues Band - March 22, 2013 Whippany, NJ by BluesBroad

Samantha Fish: BluesBroad - Centenary Blues Bash in Hackettstown, NJ 3-21-14

Rebecca Scammon: East Of The Wall - Rojo's, South Lake Tahoe, California 2014

Amy Verbaten,Kris Bradley: Tap This - An All Girl Tribute to Spinal Tap and All Girl Tribute Bands For Booking

Ceara O'Neill: Kyneska - Bunny Shredding - The Playoff