Yvette Young: A Map a String a Light (pt1) new track available with Natalie Evans

Paola Camelo: A night to remember - Andy Timmons

Jen Majura: DOZ OF HELL recent rehearsal snippets

Maria Suzuki: Flash - with the band The Super Sonic

Maria Suzuki: Van Halen "Panama"

Saki: Mary's Blood - BurningBlaze

Noa: Distress - Hysteric Lolita - five-peace Neo-Gothic girl's rock band

Misa, Ruru Mitsuru: Bridear - Light In The Dark

Violet Heart: Black Widow

Erja Lyytinen: Erja's contribution To Jazz From the Album "The Sky Is Crying"

Christie Lenée: with Tim Reynolds - Wild Electric Guitar Solos!

Anna Jęczarek: live TV show Telewizja Polsat

Chantel McGregor: Worthing Southern Pavilion,Worthing pier UK 2015

Anna Nuta Pawłowska: if i know - bass supremo

Rose Deocampo, Wena Velasco: Broken - Cowgirls from Hell - Maidens of Metal IV

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Live performances from Brews, Westford MA Aug 2015

Saki: Mary's Blood - Bite The Bullet

Samantha Fish: live in Cleveland 2015

Yvette Young: Adventure Spirit - Live in Plymouth 2015 - Acoustic heaven from the recent UK live tour

Alicia Marie Venchuk: Shake Em by Alicia on Guitar

Alexandra Zerner: Champion - get well soon tribute to Tony MacAlpine

News: A Brief History of Female Guitarists in Japanese Metal

Mina Taicho: Captain Mina's is FATE GEAR little sister of, animation data Girl start-up!

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella perform "The Rover" and "Lemon Song" live at the Wildflower! Festival 2015

Nita Strauss: The day I got tricked into meeting my guitar hero, Jason Becker

Stacey Douglas: Unusuality Ruff Mix, Minor6 Madness and more - great original playing

Ayu Gusfanz: Under a Glass moon by:Dream Theater 10 year old busting smiles!

Sunmi Kim: Ronny Jordan - no pay no play (cover)

Marion Le Solliec: River flows in you

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella Live - Wildflower! Festival - TEXAS 2015

Tina Guo: Official Video- Forrest Gump: Feather Theme

Laurie Morvan: Texas Flood guitar solo - kive!

Ice: The Beginning - RAE studios - excellent atmospheric original

Annie Clarke: St.Vincent - Introduces New Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Model

Kiana De Leon: Vixen Vendetta - Five Magics - Female Instrumental soundcheck playthrough

Moametal, Su-Metal, Yuimetal: BABYMETAL - Ijime,Dame,Zettai - Live at Sonisphere 2014,UK

JJ: Jassy J - PAPA ROACH - Last Resort

Alexandra Zerner: Two finger tapping lick with string skipping, on Dorian minor scale,

Mina Taicho: Romancer - FATE GEAR - Girl Band from JAPAN

Gabbie Rae: Love Ain't No Stranger - Lucky Strike with Howie Simon

Susan Santos: live in Los Angeles and May this be love

Nili Brosh: latest clinic and live details

Dani Gonzalez: The fury and Violent poetry

Nita Strauss: talks about Wings Of Rescue

Molly Tuttle: Bluegrass Sensation to Records Debut by Pledge Music

Miyako Watanabe: Amaterasu anthem - Mi-Ya performing live with 21 grams

Sagara, Oni: Ganglion -Save Your Heart -

Erin Harpe: with the Delta Swingers Live @ Indian Ranch 8/23/15

Gabbie Rae: Iowa State Fair - "High Road Easy"

Luna Lee: 'Sunny' Gayageum Improvisation by Luna