Cinthya Blackcat: MysticaGirls - Abre bien los Ojos - First Stone Fest 2016

Anna Likhacheva: performs L. Legnani and N. Paganini

Tamara Tadic: Conquer Divide - What's left inside

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - An Experience of Inestimable Value - plus live dates

Li-sa-X: iOS application called "Ibanez Tuner" seems to be released soon

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Toxic Twins strike back at Lucky Strike Live.

Kanami, Miku: Band-Maid - MCM London Comic Con 2016

Nikki Stringfield: with Brad Jurjen "Dia De Muertos" live at NAMM and promo video

Nikki Stringfield: Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maidens - focus on Nikki

Kiana De Leon, Brianna Sherrodd: Vixen Vendetta VLOG of recent show

Jennifer Batten: Stage shots and behind the scenes on tour in Germany with Thomas Blug's "Rock Anarchie"

JJ: Jassy J - 35k Subscriber Special must be doing something right, except for some people. #CREATENOTHATE

Su mi Lee: Queen bohemian rhapsody - beautiful classical guitar version

Anna Sentina: Muse - Psycho - BB-1X Bass Driver by BOSS

Melody Angel: Love Song and Hey Joe live performances

Jaden Carlson: JCB - Church Of Hard Knock

Ji Hyun Ho: Beyond 2 anniversary of the event - Sunny

Monica Gheorghevici: ballad solo - dynamics and phrasing

Brianna Sherrodd: goes a bit insane trying to put on 30 band shirts to celebrate 1500 subscribers!

Millisa Henderson: Jack Thammarat - Mr. Frontman - Great performance

Magda Azzilonna: Saudade no 3 by Roland Dyens and EVH Eruption - Two sides of the same coin

Doris Yeh, Sasha Zagorc: BBC How I learned the art of head-banging

Jennifer Clavin, Jessica Clavin, Micayla Grace: Bleached - Sleepwalking - Live Paris 2016

Gazelle Amber Valentine: Jucifer - Live Paris 2016

EvilAngel Chax: Counting Teardrops with a performance playthrough

Lari Basílio: Moko Kahaan - by Maati Baani - Stunning all female ensemble celebrating International Women's Day

Mercedes Sala: Jamming with Sauron the cat version 2 - cat likes the Tuna?

Lari Basílio: The Same Forever - Suhr is heaven

Susan Gardener: The SuGar MI6: a 6-string Military Instrument

Yvi Wylde: solo from Sexy by Westernhagen

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Watch Em Burn - Live

Nita Strauss: Backstage with Blackstar

Sadie Johnson: The Sad Sam Blues Jam ~ Going Down - Finale

Olga Isabel Medina: Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement Live!

Deborah Tamiazzo: E Minor Metal Guitar Solo

Simone van Straten: Sisters Of Suffocation - Skinless Flesh guitar playthrough

Prika Amaral: Nervosa - Hostages (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Jesslyn Jensen: ProfileRogue Arsenal - Wanderer of a Broken Reality

Hannah Rose: Heartbreaker- Teen Collaboration Band covers Pat Benatar

Nita Strauss, Gabbie Rae: I'm Eighteen Soundcheck Live 2016

Melody Angel: Cubby Bear Vlog #41

Leticia Filizzola: de si - Mateus Asato

Yvi Wylde: jamming some Status Quo

Nicole Papastavrou: Liuteria Rox posts the new Stealth model

News: She Rocks Summer NAMM Showcase

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Faith from the 2nd-ever full-length album

Jennifer Batten: 2016 European Tour Vlog #1 Pink Floyd+Poland

Amanda Castillo: Suspended - Escape the Pain and Beast Within teaser

Christine Roberge: Summer Song

Samantha Fish: MoeJoeVision - with Lightnin' Malcolm Live - The 1st Annual New England Blues Summit 2016