Sophie Burrell: Saints Of Sin, Xmas Party The Joiners, Southampton 2017

Sarah Michelle: Thin Lizzy "Black Rose" solo, with Gibson Goldtop Les Paul

Beth Cannon: Improvised Solo in Bm

Adna Mahic: Laço Tayfa - Estergon Kalesi

Ayla Tesler-Mabe: Voodoo Child- Vocal & Guitar

Gretchen Menn: with Daniele Gottardo Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on two electric guitars

Natsuki Hara: I tried to play the guitar of the kiss mai "FOLLOW"

Monica Gheorghevici: Stoner for Strat

Kyo Yoshida: BLAZBLUE / Bullet Dance

Lisa13, Who: Moth in Lilac - New Guitarist - highlights from Kichijoji CRESCENDO, Tokyo

Ayu Gusfanz: Special To Senar 6 Jember Happy Birthday N Guitar Competition

Sarah Draper: DreamRigSoloContest

Tatiana Pará: Being Myself (live)

Danielle Nicole: Sanford, Florida - The Alley - Complete 1st Set - 2 Cam Mix 2017 12 09

Terka Pšenčíková: The Agony - Loverboy Psycho

Sophie Burrell: Saints Of Sin - Rocket

Samantha Fish: The Stanhope House 12-12-17

Sylvya Boschiero: Europe - Superstitious Guitar Solo Cover

Bridget Mermikides: Walking In The Air and Liberty Bell March

Alicia Marie: Bebop Jamming a solo to Dizzy Gillespie’s “Bebop.”

Hania Banik: Christmas Carol student of Katarzyna Stogowska

Divaldi Addina: Far Beyond The Sun- at RGI-Anniversary Event.

Federica Golisano: Hotel California - The Eagles - great take on the classic solo by the 12 year old

Bruna Terroni: Metal Christmas song

Rachel Savoie: Christmas Time Is Here Chord Melody

Marina Krupkina: Study for decacorde - 10 string acoustic 2017

Heena Cat: Hane PV short version

Sus Vasquez: My story | Sus - I'm travelling to NYC

Eliana Cargnelutti: Dream - Merry Christmas!

Sydney Ellen: Moxy And The Influence - Home (Madeon cover)

Nanae Fujiwara: Silent Night

Jennifer Batten: Crazy Love from Scherer Batten CD BattleZone

Stephanie Bradley: Rudolph the shred nosed reindeer

Alicyn Yaffee: The Liquid - Ibanez Artcore and a Blackstar Fly amp

Nayra Dharma: #themittenchallenge

Jassy J: 7 Years Guitar Playing Progress 100k Subscriber Special

Lari Basílio: Solo 2 - Finger Picking MasterClass JTC

Novia Arifin: Silent Night Reharmonization On Bass | Noartmusic

Gabby Logan: The Txlips Band performing original Another Tear

Nili Brosh: Soaring Fusion Solo

Divaldi Addina: Still my heart by Andy James

Holly Kinnear: Salvation Jayne - 'Juno' Stripped Back Live Session

Cheza Taylor: All I Want For Christmas is You

Araceli Galvan: Olvido - De Mi Sangre with Alejandro Espíndola

Shani Kimelman: #DreamRigSoloContest

Sus Vasquez: Juan Luis Guerra - La Travesia merengue

Hedvika Švendová: Beatles - Yesterday - Strandberg 8strings guitar

Camilla Sperati: Total Guitar Academy - Chromazone / Mike Stern

Michelle Qureshi: Five Minutes on a Tuesday

Federica Putti: The Nightmare Before Christmas - What's This?