Sydney Ellen: Moxy And The Influence - Home (Madeon cover)

Madeon's 'Home', taken from the debut album ADVENTURE. Covered by Moxy and The Influence (MXI). Produced by Matthew Galan-Kilgore and recorded by Matthew Galan-Kilgore and Moxy Anne. Tribute video created and produced by Matthew Galan-Kilgore.

This video was recorded and produced solely based on its lyrical significance in relation to the female-fronted band, MXI. Absolutely NO copyright infringement intended - all content owned by Madeon and Columbia Records. 'Home' is copyrighted, 2015, by Columbia Records.

Credits and thanks (in order of appearance):
Sydney Ellen (lead guitar)
C.G. Ryche (producer/director/videographer)
Jake Strommen (fiance/roadie)
Shea Hamilton (bass)
Matthew Galan-Kilgore (lead guitar)
Moxy Anne (lead vocals)
Alexey Poblete (drums)
Melanie Jo Dilorenzo (drums)
Ignacio Barrientos/Leon Holm (drums)
Kalev Palleres (roadie)
Carly Wasserman (bass)
Emily Patterson (bass)
Elisa Mohr (manager)
Brandon Wolfe (bass)
David Riccobono (drums)
Korah Isabella Mohr (roadie/actress/band sister)
Greg Mohr (band dad/actor/videographer/propmaster/president roadie/resident badass)

Moxy And The Influence - Home (Madeon cover)