Narumi: MISIA - 'Everything'- Guitar Instrumental Cover

Laurie Akkerman: with Brown Hill, Leif De Leeuw, Jan Akkerman ‘knight of The Guitar’ Mezz Breda 2019

Isa Nielsen: with Thiago Oliveira @ Edifier Music Show Show Stand

Andressa Marques: Mouxi - Simple Man Solo (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Sarah Lipstate: Noveller on Experimental Effects | Winter NAMM 2018

Emma Ruth Rundle: Rig Rundown Trailer

Noelle dos Anjos: My 5 Music Goals for 2019 |

Rack Aguirre: Sir Duke bass cover

MUU: Absolute Club Zettai Club - Saakus of The Dark Night 2018.12.9 @ Shinzyuku Head Power

Ku-ya: Azazel 2018.12.13 @ Shibuya Tsutaya O-West, Tokyo

Emily Hastings: with Warleyson Almeida - Crazy Horse Instrumental

Yasi Hofer: City of Green Fields - Official Video

Melyananda Putu: B Flat Loop.

Donna Grantis: New Album: Diamonds & Dynamite

Arielle: Headlong - Queen

Lari Basílio: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Jennifer Lynn: Highway To Hell | Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival (AC/DC Cover)

Saya: My original song (song title is not yet)

Julia Kosterova: Planet X - Alien Hip Hop Riffs - Half Speed Slow with click

Accorinrin, Yoyoyoshie: Otoboke Beaver - Otobo Biba - Ba - You You Were Embraced From Me

Rebecca Mardal: Daniel Ceasar- Japanese Denim

Tora Nagumanova: Epic Alter Bridge Riff Compilation (guitar Cover) - Pt.1

Melyananda Putu: Hyang giri - Dewa Budjana

Sophie Lloyd: Pedal Showdown - Auto Vs Manual Wah

Annie Grunwald: Icon - Jaden Smith | Dreameater Remix

Yuki: Shape of Your Life / D_Drive

Sima Bustami: Tears in the Rain Cover-Joe Satriani

Esani Dey: This Means War Instrumental | A7X |

Arianna Powell: plays a Fender Jaguar.

Hannah Murphy: PickUp x She Shreds

Sus Vásquez: PickUp x She Shreds

Böse Fuchs: Bullet For My Valentine - You Want a Battle?

Brooke Colucci: Butcher Babies “monsters Ball” Drum Cover

Alessandra Scaravilli: Pino Daniele - Toledo (bass cover)

Iballa Chantelle: Asleep With Your Devil, Watching You - The Creptter Children

Ayu Gusfanz: Building The Church By Steve Vai

Emily Hastings: Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling - Instrumental Guitar Version

Melyananda Putu: Mateus Asato style

Sophie Burrell: Driving Rain - SLASH | Guitar Cover

Rachelf: Playing 7 String Guitar for the First Time!

Soyul: (넘쳐흘러) guitar solo cover

Nita Strauss: Plays Her Favorite Riff, Talks Wrestlemania + Triple H

Carolyn Barba: The Faceless - Autotheist Movement ll: Emancipate (Guitar Cover)

Jen Majura: plays "Show me how to live" of Audioslave

News: Performers for The She Rocks Awards Announced

Lari Basílio: G4 Experience 2019

Yoshiki, Ruru Mitsuru: BRIDEAR rebirth, scream, wing of hope and g.a.m.e

Ally Venable: with Rio Wallace

Mia: Olivia Sugar "Ready To Rock" 2018.12.13 @ Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST, Tokyo

Holly Henderson: Wendy - A song about a girl I know.