Ayu Gusfanz: Dream Theater - In The Name Of God

Chelsea Constable: Signature Tone Series - "Comfortably Numb"

Melody Angel: Rosa's Lounge 8/8/2019 (Full Show)

Nakajima Ikkuu, Kida Motifo: Tricot "Overflow" Music Video

Jen Majura: Synergy Amps Photo Shooting and Unboxing

Fernanda Arantes: Metallica - Fade to Black

Gabby Logan: Smells Like Teen Spirit x by The TxLips Band

Akari: Back In Black

Laurine Gui: Pink Floyd - Time Solo Cover (Smooth Version)

Jen Majura: Synergy Amps Photo Shooting and Unboxing

Emmelie Herwegh: Roadtrip to Germany to play a show

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg clinic tour? Secrets? 8 strings? A video longer than 3min?!

Linda Taylor: Rockbox Baby Blues

Gretchen Menn: Bures-sur-Yvette - Sweetwater Music Hall - 2019

Maleny Morfen: Ornithology Solo (Charlie Parker) on Guitar

Chloe: Rockloe - Soloing on the Combo Black Spirit 200

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg clinic tour? Secrets? 8 strings? A video longer than 3min?!

Leticia Praxedes: Slipknot Top 5 Songs

Sonia Nusselder: Idle Hands - I Feel Nothing (guitar Cover + Solo)

Yuki: Mateus Asato Guitar Cover

Elena Seagalova: Insomnia (Official Music Video)

Chika Ve: Interview | Westward Coffee Jakarta | Female Guitar Player | English Subtitles

Jen Majura: joins Ola Englund to test Peavey 6505 Piranha

Emily Hastings: Breaking All the Rules Cover

Gabriella Quevedo: Gary Moore Still Got The Blues -

Jassy J: Slipknot - Duality [guitar Cover]

Phoenix van der Weyden: 80s Influenced Solo !!

Genessa Gariano, Lydia Night: The Regrettes - Full Set (live from Jitvhq in Los Angeles, Ca 2017) #jaminthevan

Misaki, Muratatamu, Wa Kazaemon: ONE OK ROCK/Wherever you are cover

Becky Baldwin: DORJA - Far Gone

Alicia Marie: Jazz on a Rickenbacker

Ana Vidovic: Live Concert - Classical Guitar Recital Baden-Baden

Hilal Luna: Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due cover

Cynthia Bachmoore: Stratovarius - Stratosphere

Kiana De Leon: Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit - Far Beyond Hostile Tribute

Magda Azzilonna: Minor Swing - Django Reinhardt -

Kiana De Leon: Far Beyond Hostile - Rockin' (PANTERA) live

Kiana De Leon: Vixen Vendetta - OZZY - Bark at the Moon

Jackie Parry, Jessica Parry: Dianthus - "chrysalis" (live at The Canyon)

Emmelie Herwegh: My live guitar rig 2019 - Sisters Of Suffocation

Jen Majura: Synergy Amps Photo Shooting

Cynthia Bachmoore: You don't remember i'll never forget, Eclipse and I'll see the light to night

Frenchie Moe: Blues guitarist performing live on tour in Kansas City MO

Ravyn Bedard: Pantera Walk Solo - Dimebag Darrell Tribute

Melody Angel: Santana - Black Magic Woman

Sadie Johnson: People Get Ready

Sophie Burrell: D'Addario XT Strings | Unboxing, Demo & Review

Hwang Sang Yoon: New Boy - Se so Neon Summer Sonic Extra

Katelyn Shook, Laurie Shook: Shook Twins at Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Center

Adva Hay: Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Black Star