Lisa Reed: Iron Maiden - The Trooper Solo Cover

Mel Bon: Play Rocket Dive and Ever Free

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites - Live in Beijing 2019

Erika Van Halen: Eruption, Spanish Fly - Japanese guitar player

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites - Northumbria Institute Newcastle 2019

Shreddelicious: 3,000,000 views on

Yein Kim: Bass Clinic 1(With Endorsed Bacchus Bass)

Mercédesz Tóth: Slipknot - (Sic) guitar cover by Merci

Juliana Wilson: Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Getting Your Vocals To Sit Right W/ Gain Reduction

Stephanie Bradley: ESP LTD VIPER-400 Demo

Jen Majura: Women in Music interview with Katja Macabre

Kinga Głyk: 5 Cookies & Let's Play Some Funky Groove - New Morning 2020

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl: JOANovARC Three Track Intro Live@Club 85 2020.

Lindsay Ell: Jam In The Van 2020

Sara Rekkache: My guitar progress in two years

Hannah Wicklund: The Steppin Stones, Mama Said. KTBA 2019

Valerie Bachand: Rainbow- Stargazer Band Cover

Emmelie Herwegh: 9 Year Guitar Playing Progress (year by Year)

Sarah JoAnne Draper: Tsunami Cables NAMM 2019

Mayto: [GOD111] Fatal Attraction / Mitsuyo

Narumi, Hazuki: Disqualia - Right Now (2016)

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites - the Hammer of Wrath Live (English Sub)

Ayu Gusfanz: Global Warming

Chen Siyi: "Hatsune Miku" Senbonzakura

Andressa Marques: 4Action - Blackout - Mouxi and Luiz Simões

Schnee Setna: Granrodeo - Love of Setsuna

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: The Iron Maidens Aces High Iron Maiden cover 2020

Anna Sentina, Paula Carregosa: Sonic the Hedgehog Theme - Metal Version

Sophie Burrell: No Time To Die - Billie Eilish

Jassy J: Motionless in White - Voices

Yvette Young: Covet - Open Tunings and Finding Inspiration

Rachelf: Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Alexandra Whittingham: Asturias (Isaac Albéniz)

Natalia Lipnitskaya: Johann Sebastian Bach BWV 1034

Marie Sans: Giovanni G. Kapsberger "Libro primo d'intavolatura di lauto"

B. Arson: Friendship Commanders - "Horrify"

Magdalena Yantahtova: Intervals - Mata Hari

Becky Baldwin: Bruce Dickinson - Man of Sorrows

Yana Kokh: John Mayer - Gravity intro

A-YEON: Scream [Avenged Sevenfold]

Soumia Ghechami: Melodic Jam

Nakajima Ikkuu, Kida Motifo: Tricot「真っ黒」Music Video

Claire Genoud: Sweet Child O Mine SOLO

KT Chang: ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Elephant Gym - bohemianvoodoo "Adria Blue"

Amy Lewis: Rush - YYZ + Down With The Sickness and For Whom The Bell Tolls

Ayla Tesler-Mabe: '2 Myself' (LUDIC) for SongSquad

Luciana Torfano: Led Ladies - Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Jen Majura: Disciples of the watch by Testament

Rachel G: Aces High - Iron Maiden