Iree, Choi Hyun Jung: Rolling Quartz - Kimarigoto (BRATS)

Kimarigoto of BRATS covered by Rolling Quartz in appreciation of their invitation to a Japanese performance. Please support both Rolling Quartz and Bratz ^^ * Original song BRATS-Kimarigoto ... ** FAR EAST MONSTER RECORDS presents `` Monster's Nest Vol. 1 '' 2 Days.
-Saturday, March 21 OPEN 17:00 START 17:30 Rolling Quartz, REVERBEE, BRATS. -Sunday , March 22 OPEN 17:00 START 17:30
Rolling Quartz, BRATS. -Place Tokyo 下 北 沢 (Shimokitazawa) Flowers Loft. . * Monster's Nest Vol.1 This is a performance sponsored by the FAR EAST MONSTER RECORDS label of Office FEM. . * Far East Monsters Records The label aims to expand Asian girl bands not only in Japan but also in the world, and invited Korean new girl band Rolling Quartz to the label's first performance. * Loft Project, which runs the Shinjuku Loft, a live house in the Flowers Loft Live House, is a new live house in Shimokitazawa on February 2 of this year. Shimokitazawa feels like Hongdae + University Road in Korea, and Flowers Loft is 30 seconds from the station
. * REVERBEE A high school girl (born 03) who is planning to make a major debut on AVEX on April 20.
. * BRATS_Official_JP A trio girls band centered on Rei Kuromi. In June 2017, he released his major debut album, including Seoul performances in January and August 2019, JUMF-Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival 2019, Wake Up Festival in Taiwan, and in January 2020. Finished.
. * Rolling Quartz Rolling Quartz Korea's five-member girls band started their activities in August 2019. -Live Pocket, e-plus, Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket ◇ Live Pocket 3/21 :

Kimarigoto (BRATS) by Rolling Quartz - 롤링스타TV(RollingStarTV) 37회(M/V)