Adunbee, Noelle dos Anjos: Enter Sandman - Metallica

Adunbee: Faith - Ghost guitar cover

Adunbee: Rose of Sharyn - Killswitch Engage guitar+drum cover

Adunbee: Indonesia - August Burns Red guitar cover

Adunbee: The Evil That Men Do - Iron Maiden

Adunbee: Leave It Alone - Mark Tremonti

Adunbee: Your Betrayal - Bullet For My Valentine

Adunbee: Through Struggle - As I Lay Dying guitar cover

Adunbee: Descending - Lamb Of God guitar cover

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Adunbee: Redneck - Lamb of God

Adunbee: Spit Out The Bone - Metallica

Adunbee: Planets, Doing Time - Avenged Sevenfold

Adunbee: The Cell - Gojira guitar cover

Adunbee: L'Enfant Sauvage - Gojira

Adunbee: Blackened The Cursed Sun - Lamb of God

Adunbee: Moth Into Flame - Metallica guitar cover

Adunbee: Shepherd of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold

Adunbee: Paranoid - Black Sabbath guitar cover

Adunbee: Fade To Black - Metallica guitar cover