Ely Garbo: Bjork - Hyperballad ( Acoustic Loop Cover )

Ely Garbo: Massive Attack - Teardrop ( Acoustic loop cover )

Ely Garbo: Mad About You - Hooverphonic - Echoes Duo

Top Ten: Rush YYZ - the female tributes to the artist Rush

Ely Garbo, Anna Portalupi: Ladies Incanto - Close your eyes and feel - Trailer

Ely Garbo: YYZ with Diego Quarantotto and Giacomo Calabria

Ely Garbo, Grace Maiden: Diamond Beast - live last shows in Austria and Romani

Ely Garbo: Massive Attack - Teardrop acoustic cover by Fairy Tales

Ely Garbo: Deep Purple - Solo Burn

Ely Garbo: A little tribute to Dave Murray ..

Anna Greta Giannotti, Elisa Garbo,Ely Garbo: Diamond Beast - The Number of the Beast - fan filmed