Ely Garbo: Massive Attack - Teardrop ( Acoustic loop cover )

This is my personal version of "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. A simple passage, but to which I am particularly attached. All the sounds are produced by the acoustic guitar with Fractal FX8 and Loop Station RC300. Thanks in advance to those who will take a minute of their time to listen / watch the video and many thanks to those who want to share it. ________________________________________________________________ Shooting and video editing: Milo Barbieri ________________________________________________________________ www.elygarbo.it www.facebook.com/elygarbo www.youtube.com/elygarbo teardrop, massive attack, guitar, acoustic guitar, trip hop, loop station, fractal audio, maton, maton guitar, female guitarist, guitar player, music, video music, music station, ely garbo, cover, echoes

Massive Attack - Teardrop ( Acoustic loop cover )