Keisandeath: You know you're right

Keisandeath: New Album Mother Earth

Keisandeath: Linkin Park Numb 【Keisandeath】

Keisandeath: [Complete cover] X Japan

Keisandeath: Eighteen and life SkidRow

Keisandeath: Got In The Deep Room and Last One Shot promo video

Keisandeath: Cricetidie - Shibuya O-crest one-man live ticket announced

Keisandeath: BABYMETAL block avoidance of defiant revenge

Keisandeath: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff - Guitra Bass Vocal cover - MF'ing Chainsaw!

Keisandeath: GREAVA live in Crescendo 2017

Keisandeath: Lobelia 【MV】

Keisandeath: Rusty Nail X JAPAN full Guitar bass Vocal cover

Keisandeath: X JAPAN - Silent jealousy

Keisandeath: X JAPAN Born to be free cover Guitar Bass Vocal and Christmas Kisses


Keisandeath: 麺類 Slipknot cover

Keisandeath: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - false god of the wedding