Keisandeath: Linkin Park Numb 【Keisandeath】

"Metal singer-songwriter Keisandeath 😇🤘🏻
Metal and Hard Rock, lyrics in other genres, such as POP, has been a composer. Two new albums "Kuu & Shiki" were released at the same time on October 16, 2020. "The First" announced in 2017, "Got in the deep room" announced in 2018, "Niku Kyu" announced in 2019, "Do Nothing?" Announced in 2020 We re-recorded the songs of these 4 albums, arranged them, and produced 2 completely new songs, and produced 24 songs with 2 pieces. In addition, Noriji Nagano is participating in the production team, Masakatsu Urata is participating in the track making, and Hironobu Takigawa is the mix engineer. Please listen! New Album "Kuu & Shiki" is on sale at CD shops nationwide, Amazon, and! Please subscribe to our channel! Also, please feel free to comment on your impressions. ← Please give me a good comment! My name is Kei. I am a Japanese singer songwriter.and my band name is Keisandeath. This year, I released two best albums "Kuu & Shiki" in 16 October. Please, please sign up for my channel registration and comment! Please become a member of and access member-only videos etc.

Linkin Park Numb 【Keisandeath】