Yvette Young: people say I look like jackie chan - tapping

Clara C: Jazz guitar and singer and cool looper demo

Rebecca Laird: Battle of the Blues 2012

Jace Parales: Christian Muenzner - Wastelands - Per Nilsson solo

Alexx Calise: "Not Crazy" (Live)

Sheryl Bailey: For those living - jazz jam session

Kaitlynn Schmidt: demos on Reverb Nation

The Commander-In-Chief: live Rockefeller Oslo 2012

Muriel Anderson: Harp Guitar Christmas

Juliana Vieira: Toxicity - System of a down (cover)

Chrissy DeRado: More Guitar Please - the new album

Andreia Gomez: The Insight solo - great technique!

Sylwia Urban: Dream Theater - Repentance solo

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Dreaming Eyes

Li-sa-X: Japanese 7 years old girl gives Paul Gilbert a run for his money

Leah Marie King: blues from Nashville, Tennessee

Lari Basilio: Musicatele new performance video

Prika Amaral: Nervosa get a new drummer

Yasi Hofer: with Steve Vai in Stuttgart!!

Lzzy Hale: Access: Rock interview

Hayley McLean: with Jason Blaine live in Edmonton

Elisa Garbo, Anna Greta Giannotti: Diamond Beast - Flight Of Icarus

Donna Grantis: Electric Band - "Cosmic Jam"

Sarah Longfield: all fan fretted an ready to rip it up!

Christie Lenee: talks about Gryphon 12-string soprano guitar

Tina Wood,Carin Toti: ThundHerStruck TNT

Sapir Rajuan: The excellent acoustic Series

Laura Wilde: wins Rock Over America's "Best New Female Rock Artist" award!

Sapir Rajuan: Unto Others- At The Gates

Orianthi: Im Eighteen & Schools Out - Alice Cooper Band

Alicyn Yaffee: Senior Recital

Lita Ford: Live solos with Mitch Perry

Briana Alexis: announces Whisky a GoGo live date!

Suzi Quatro: Crocus City Hall, Moscow, 19.11.2012

Anouck André: fusion lick demonstration

Nori Bucci: Shredding it up for Gamalon

Tina Wood,Carin Toti : ThundHerStruck 2012

Sandra Bae: Neil Zaza - I'm Alright

Ludmila Oliveira: Mind trick

Chantel McGregor: Like No Other - acoustic

Lzzy Hale: Halestorm with Bret Vesely

Ashly Badgett: Alone new EP

Sarah Longfield: gets a Stranderg fan fretted headless

Aly Jados: Kick Starter project

Roni Lee: Kick Starter Project

Teresa Russell: Long Train Runnning