Tina Wood,Carin Toti : ThundHerStruck 2012

Tina Wood was born and raised in England, and from the moment she laid eyes on a guitar she knew that it would play a large role in her future. She did not come from a musical background, however her family was very artistic. She attended The London college of Furniture, where she completed a Higher National Diploma in musical instrument technology; this certified her as Luthier in modern fretted guitars.
She played in local bands while attending college, and after obtaining her diploma, went on to work as a guitar repair technician in west end of London.

Carin Toti was born in New York and raised in Virginia Beach, but it was her love of music that brought her out to Los Angeles so that she could pursue her musical career. As a guitarist, bassist, vocalist and songwriter
Carin has recorded, toured and performed with several hard rock bands in Los Angeles. In addition to kickin' ass in the role of "Malcolm" in Thundherstruck, she also plays the role of Nikki Sixx in the all-female Motley Crue tribute, Motleys Crew!


ThundHerStruck "Money Honey" 11-16-2012

ThundHerStruck "Shoot To Thrill" 11-16-2012