Chrissy DeRado: More Guitar Please - the new album

Chrissy DeRado
Chrissy is a Rock/Electronic Instrumental Guitarist out of Tampa Fl and Lead Guitarist for the rock band Someday Souvenir

Chrissy DeRado released her debut studio album, "More Guitar Please" October 2012, composing all the material, contributing guitar, keys, bass, loops, and drums on all tracks. She produced and mixed the final product at her home studio. This guitar driven instrumental CD mixes pop culture with electronica. Taking elements of dance, pop, dubstep, trance, and guitar to create a unique vibe. 

Chrissy has recorded hundreds of Recording Sessions and Toured with many different artist and is also Lead Guitarist and Co- Songwriter for the rock band SOMEDAY SOUVENIR.

Most of the sounds you are hearing are my coming from my guitar! I make all my tracks with effects and Garageband, Massive and organic loops. My guitar rig is Mesa Boogie F50, Line 6 M13, Boss DD-20, Mission Line 6 exp Pedal, Boss phase, Digitech Bad Monkey, Digitech Synth Wah, Dunlop custom Hot pot Wah, DOD filter and more….

Chrissy picked up the guitar at age 14. Influenced by her mother's musical talent at age 5 she would sit watch and listen to her mother play piano. At 14 her mother gave her a box of albums and said "if you are going to play rock guitar you need to listen to these records" Inside the box were Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton and The Doors. 

Chrissy formed a rock band with high school friends and began playing the local club circuit in South Florida. She later moved to NYC played in a few punk bands while going to school for cosmetology and music . After she finished school she moved back to Florida where she played with many top 40 bands. 

Chrissy is a guitar instructor and hairstylist when she is not gigging.

Chrissy has shared the stage with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Uh huh her, Matchbox 20, Fleetwood Mac, Lisa Loeb, Sister Hazel, George Clinton, Jewel, Joan Osbourne, Ani DiFranco, Sophie B Hawkins, and many more....

Chrissy DeRado" More Guitar Please" CD is now on iTunes CD Baby, I Tunes or reverbnation site!
Chrissy DeRado is a producer/ instrumental guitarist out of Tampa Fl. Currently Chrissy is lead guitarist and co song writer for SOMEDAY SOUVENIR. Chrissy has recorded hundreds of Recording Sessions and Toured with many different artist.

"I am grateful to have worked with some awesome talented people! I am always open to new paths and projects! "

Chrissy DeRado: More Guitar Please

1 Zombies Chrissy DeRado 2:40
2 It's Halloween Here's Jonny Chrissy DeRado 2:58
3 It's All About Nikki Chrissy DeRado 2:55
4 Lil Wayne Said It Chrissy DeRado 3:07
5 Chaos Serenade Chrissy DeRado 3:11
6 Forgotten Chrissy DeRado 4:36
7 He Uses Mind Control Chrissy DeRado 2:37
8 Elizabeth (Recorded Live) Chrissy DeRado 3:27
9 Downtown Assault Chrissy DeRado 2:16
10 My Weapon Chrissy DeRado 2:43
11 White Haze Chrissy DeRado 3:40
12 The Under Dog Chrissy DeRado 2:45