Sarah Longfield: Waiting from Kikiria

Juli Gort Morgan: Hear My Cry - live at Rehearsal Works

Julia Nedzelska: Shape of My Heart (Sting Cover)

Tina S: Vigier Excalibur Custom - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Solo

Alecia Mixi Demner: Stitched Up Heart @ The House of Blues (LA) on 03-16-14 Jack Lue Series

Simone Dow: Voyager, will release its fifth studio album,V, in North America on June 3

Lzzy Hale: it's all about the gear!

Donna Grantis: Stratus - Billy Cobham - Oude Meer 2012

Alejandra Mesliuk: Pentatonic Extended Shapes - Lead Guitar Lesson

Catherine Capozzi,Christine Zufferey: De Oude Keuken in Castricum, Holland 2014

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Wanda Ortiz: what happens when you arrive ahead of schedule to an Iron Maidens show?

Danielle Lacey: Kickstarter - 1st EP - "Girls Can't Play Guitar"

Sadie Johnson: Brotherhood of the Guitar

Alejandra Mesliuk: A Major 7th Tapping Arpeggio in the Style of Michael Romeo

Irene Ketikidi: the clinic presented in Drumworld

Karrie O'Sullivan: Balconytv Absolutely Do

Alejandra Mesliuk: Sweep Picking Exercise with Triads

Alejandra Mesliuk: Pentatonic Lick in B minor in the Style of Paul Gilbert

Cherry Blossom: Cinderella with Sakura - Round and Round - 11 years old

Sarah Longfield: Sunshine The Werewolf Full

Tatyana Kalinicheva: Vigier Excalibur,Kemper Profiling Amp - Guitar solo A7 - Talina

Anouck André: Love Life - Ditto Looper x2 - Axe FX II

Shreddelicious: Top 10 featured artists as passes 400,000 page views

Haykuhi Khachatryan: with David Grigoryan - Two Minds

Terri McCoy: Sister Strange 1994

Haykuhi Khachatryan: Super John Petrucci covers!

Lori Linstruth,Sandy Sledge: Warbride The Tower Live and Slaves of the Sword