Alecia Mixi Demner: Stitched Up Heart @ The House of Blues (LA) on 03-16-14 Jack Lue Series

New EP "Skeleton Key" being released May 20! TOURING ALL YEAR! Music video for Frankenstein premiered on Revolver Magazine here: Recent single, “Grave” is on iTunes
and is currently in rotation on over 60 internet radio stations. Revolver magazine also premiered the video for "Grave":
Mixi has been featured and interviewed in Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock two years in row (#18 in 2011, #11 in 2012). There is also a recent interview in the March 2013 issue of Alternative Press magazine.

Tours in 2013 will support release of a new e.p., "Skeleton Key" currently being produced by Clayton Ryan, Gus Cryns, & Casey Sabol. With Warped Tour, SXSW and US tours under their belt, the aggressive drive behind this band is tantamount to their ultimate goal of universal conquest. A violent cacophony of fiery charged emotions makes this a dangerously volatile maniacal machine that commands your attention.

Stitched Up Heart’s passion explodes in an uproar of crunchy guitars, haunting melodies, driving rhythms and anthemic songs. Furious and ultimately rapturous performances led by singer extraordinaire, Mixi, have captivated fans across the nation and around the world. Baron Reventón even christened the band: ‘attention deficit gratification’.

A vision of Stitched Up Heart's Frankenstein by Sandy Stenzel and Robert G. Phelps. Song produced by Gus Cryns.

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