Sylwia Urban: Happy Returns guitar solo - Steven Wilson

Samantha Fish: I Put A Spell On You, Wild Heart and Blame It OnThe Moon - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA 2016

Erin Detherage: Blues Jam Live

Rebecca Mardal: An evening on the balcony.

Katrin Child: Steve Vai Flashmob - Katrin Child (rehearsal, 30 July)

Irma Mirtilla: plays ZEAD "RAW" pickups

Esmé Patterson: Rig Rundown

Amanda Hsu: Human Cage - Zangief

Gabriella Quevedo: You're Beautiful

Ayu Gusfanz: feat Kalonica Nicx cover:Hotel california "The Eagles"

Virna Nova: La Javanaise Serge Gainsbourg

Rairiku: Neil Zaza - I'm Alright

Shoka Okubo: Samples of The Blue Project Japan Blues Festival in Aomori 2016

Li-sa-X: talks about her FretWraps String Muters and GigBlade Sliver guitar bag

Ayu Gusfanz: with Kalonica Nicx - Hotel California by:The Eagles

Hisako Osawa: Rock Bottom - 2H2H UFO tribute

Kynwyn Sterling: Melancholy Summer by Lilly Legit from upcoming EP called "Stories Of A Lone Wolf".

Maru Martinez: new album Colorless Aquarium by Paper Hero - progressive metal Chicago

Antra Lante: Jam over David Wallimann guitar backing track

Alicia Marie: Tumbledown Train on her 1930 Dobro guitar!

Saya Gray: Funky Duck and Clouds - great bass playing

Dulce Zuloaga, Flor Zuloaga: Baby Dollz - Obregón 2016

Genny Jam: GPC Global Jam 24

Chantel McGregor: Home - Official Video

Nili Brosh: Unchained - Hot for Teacher - scorching live performance

Antra Lante: Hey Joe - with RedBee, superb performance from 2008

Nili Brosh: announces Ensenada, MX, and Los Angeles Shows!

MIKU, Kanami: BAND-MAID Announce First European Tour

Kelly Richey: Guitar Lessons - Infomercial

Julia Trintschuk: plays Toon III by Ulrich Uhland Warnecke on a Ross Gütmeier Doubletop 2011

Sandra Bae: The Sea - Eunsung Kim - Beautiful performance

Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell: Larkin Poe - Trouble In Mind - Borderline in London in May 2016

Youyou A: Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four

Asheratri: Beat it and Ohhhh Noooo

Anna Sentina: The Viper Room Show [Overview]

Yuri Isobe: Gundam UC ED Next 2 U

Bea Vinculado: IceCream Project - Hard Rock Rising 2016 Full Set

Eva Atmatzidou: Rondat - Candyrat Acoustic Guitar artist

Mami Sasazaki,Haruna Ono: Scandal highly popular Japanese J-rock band announce European tour dates

Elizabeth Schall, Stephanie Pickard: Dreaming Dead perform at the Fernandes Guitar Booth NAMM 2011

Asheratri: As above so below cover Yngwie Malmsteen

Stephanie Pickard: Nili Brosh's A Matter Of Perception Contest

Fernanda Schenker: Dragon Ball Z - Santo Angelo GSD contest

Jude Drakeford: Ohhhh Noooo cover by The Aristocrats

Tatiana Pará: Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion - Led Boots

Desiree Bassett: special solo for Shreddelicious - thanks to Desiree who has been busy touring

Rosie Botterill, Holly Henderson, Becky Baldwin: Dorja Birmingham Waggon and Horses 2016 and PKD festival interview