Stephanie Pickard: Nili Brosh's A Matter Of Perception Contest

This was really fun! I really liked Nili's backing track and wanted to improvise over it for her Premier Guitar contest.

Jason Becker is one of the judges and is someone I look up to a lot. I had a horrible wrist injury years ago from over use from over practicing. I was told I would never play fast again and it was a really hard time in my life, thinking I would never be able to play guitar again.

Hearing Jason's story and seeing how he let nothing get in his way and still released amazing music and expressed himself, inspired me to work as hard as I could to get better and not listen to anyone that told me I wouldn't be able to.

Thank you, Jason! and Thank you Nili. This was a lot of fun =)

Nili Brosh's A Matter Of Perception Contest - Stephanie Pickard