Li-sa-X: featured in Toyota's T-UP advert

Yana Kokh: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin'

Simone Dow: Voyager - Ghost Mile - PledgeMusic Campaign Video

Anouck André: Great "Noodling" Lick in D Major

Nili Brosh: Tony MacAlpine "The King's Cup" with Nili LIVE 2014

Juliette Jade: Ashes Of Light (Solo)

Hisako Osawa, Melanie Sisneros: UFO by 2Hot2Handle - Chino Hills 2017

Monica Gheorghevici: Ballad Soloing #3 - Classic Rock Phrasing

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Emily Hastings: FAQ - responsea to your queries via Facebook

Chelsea Constable: Signature Tone/ Solo Lesson - "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen

Heather Faulkner: Procella - Progressive Rock instrumental guitar solo with strings and keyboards

Yuika Kakeda: RagDöllz Girls Metal band based in Osaka

Marina Krupkina: Nikita Koshkin - "Usher-Waltz Fantasia"

Adunbee: The Shooting Star - Gojira

Alicia Marie: Women in Blues at The University of Mississippi

Leticia Filizzola: Guitar Player Magazine release song Calmaria on new album

Sarah Longfield: new album merch update

Angeline Saris: Bass Stolen, please help and share!

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Instrumental Summit Vol.10 Ladies Night - Live Digest

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Mary Spender: John Mayer - Helpless

Jess Lewis: River Man - Nick Drake

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #112: Imposing 7sus4(13)

Gretchen Menn: Deep Purple "Highway Star" solo

Julia Kosterova: Springs OF Tim - Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister36

Ana Vidovic: plays from the Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude in G Major BWV 1007

Daniela Villarreal, Paulina Villarreal, Alejandra Villarreal: The Warning - You’ve Been Warned! TEDxUniversityofNevada

Gabriella Quevedo: Hos Dig Är Jag Underbar - Gabriella Quevedo

Mary Spender: announced for the UK Guitar Show

Shelley Walker, Laura Ozholl: JOANovARC announced for the UK guitar show

Beth Cannon: "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande Guitar Solo Cover

Adunbee: 22 things in 22 years!!

Kalina Kieszniewska: Mint - Through the Mists

Cecilia Nappo: wolfmother new moon rising,

Juliana Vieira: Jazzy Original Song

Sarah Longfield: Collapse // Expand djent electronic instrumental metal progressive music from Wisconsin

Yvette Young: Pro Tone Pedals - signature chorus is available for pre-order NOW!

Leah Woodward: offering a limited number of Skype lessons monthly