Rebecca Mardal: Groove 's with tabs

Nakajima Ikkuu, Kida Motifo: Tricot explosion pannier '14

Bruna Tsuruda: BlackAmore #01 Highway Star

Red Frandany: Smooth & Bluesy Groove IMPRO

Arielle: Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis

Sus Vasquez: Slow dancing in a burning room - Guitar improv

Ravyn Bedard: Screaming Metal Solo

Novia Arifin: Time Won't Wait - Jamiroquai

Natsuki Hara: Bang! Bang! BURN!

Orianthi: with Richie Sambora: 10th Annual Scott Medlock Robby Krieger Allstar Concert Saddle Rock Ranch 2017

Kang Shing: 강예리 Stunning Version - For the love of god

Grace Askew: Scaredy Cat - Live at Old Town Farm Albuquerque New Mexico 2017

Becky Baldwin, Bec Jevons: IDestroy - Frankfurt , Museumsufer Fest, Feinstaub Bühne 2017

Federica Golisano: You shook me all night long - AC/DC

Tina Guo: World of Warcraft - WOW!

Samantha Fish: The Bourbon Saloon, Omaha, NE - 2017

Tash Wolf: Jazz Flow - more New things coming soon !

Mary Spender: Hard Work And Patience [Tuesday Talks]

Elise Trouw: LA Debut! Teragram Ballroom 2017

Melody Angel: Nobody Gets Away, Mama Said and In The Fire live

Sadie Johnson: with Bart Walker ~ I Wish (Stevie Wonder cover)

Mariko Cello: Bachaldi "Bach+Vivaldi" -

Adunbee: Planets, Doing Time - Avenged Sevenfold

Hwang Sang Yoon: New Bird - New Boy (acoustic ver.) @ Bellows 2017

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - the Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles, 2017

Kiyoshi Manii: with Marty Friedman - the Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angele 2017

Ghalia Vauthier: Blues au Château 2017

Lily Ford: "Insomnia" by Lily Ford. [Uncut]

Shoka Okubo, Juna Serita: Shoka Okubo Blues Project Live At Showboat 2017

Mary Spender: Orange Fur Coat + Getaway Driver [re-amped]

Amanda Hsu: Zangief -桑吉爾夫 Human Cage SOLO live

Gabriella Quevedo: I Was Made For Lovin' You

Phoenix Van Wyden: Bushido - Shredding it up on a new track from soon to be released album

Nili Brosh: Fusion Soloing Over Inner Urge

Holly Henderson: Official Promo for new material for upcoming debut album

Adunbee: The Cell - Gojira guitar cover

Jess Lewis: Omar - Theres Nothing Like This (Bass Line)

Maxine Petrucci: Madam X set to release MONSTROCITY with EMP LABEL GROUP

Divaldi Addina: War March By Andy James

Sarah Longfield: Fine Constant Added the Andy James, Angel Vivaldi UK and Europe tour

Saki: Mary's Blood - Raise the Flag Tour 2017

Erja Lyytinen: UK tour dates in September to support the new album

Marina Krupkina: Love Me Tender | decacorde + voice arrangement