Becky Baldwin: Don't Touch - Hands off Gretel [Bass Play Through]

Romana Kalkuhl, Sonia Nusselder: Burning Witches - "Executed"

ChikaVe: Tutti Challenge

Khaluah: Canon Rock - 1,669,630 views since 28 Mar 2020!!

Chorom Hahm: KIX - Cold Blood

Emily Hastings: Blinding Lights- The Weekend

Alice Pandini: Putting The HELL In HELLRAISER W/ This Bass Tone!

ChikaVe: Various Solo covers

Ami Kim: AC/DC - Highway to hell full band cover by Ami Kim(#39-3)

TABI: Imagine Dragons - Believer Cover by TABI秀明🌙

Nathania Jualim: Tutti Challenge

Haruka Noma: Asterism - Elegy (360°battle Session / Studio Live)

Erin Coburn: The World Wide Web Tour | Show 2

Terry Haner: Mr. Big to be with you

Chen Siyi: Miss Sister Ternlet electric guitar solo

Magda Azzilonna: Guitar Funky-Rock Jam

Camilla Sperati: The Last Day

Jassy J: DISTURBED - Down With The Sickness

Molly Tuttle: The Greatest (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Elylva: Lord Of The Lost - Black Halo G

Laura Cox: Jimi Hendrix on a Gibson Les Paul ? The Wind Cries Mary

MJ Litorja: Flower - Yoon Mirae + Don't Dream It's Over

Anna Greta Giannotti: with Stefano Tomassetti - Cupid's Dead - Extreme

Elizaveta Kolmagorova: Just The Two Of Us

Verena Darmawan: Fusion Blues Exercise by Bayu Priaganda

Reina: My First Story

Thalia Bellazecca: Frozen Crown - in The Dark

Chloé: Jordan Monteverdi - Let us fly solo

Dani Wilde: Howling At The Moon

Yvette Young: Mad guitar science, BADDAD riff, Uplifting sounding riff

Yasi Hofer: Rollin´ On

OkJin Han: Jiny - Queensryche _ Spreading The Disease cover

Ellen, Himari: FullMooN - tried studio live

Eva Vergilova: Pearl Jam - Alive

OkJin Han: Joan Jett - I hate myself for loving you

Sonia Nusselder: MÖTLEY CRÜE - Girls Girls Girls

MiuMiu: Fly me to the moon

Maru Martinez: with super drummer Anup Sastry, Doom Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You

Beth Cannon: Elizabeth II - Play With Me

Luli Bass: Darkglass Vintage Ultra

Chorom Hahm: Don't Treat Me Bad- Firehouse

Claire Genoud, Yamit Schwartz: Jam this sh*t out #1

Pyo Seoyun: Triptych - Guitar Wind Festival 2019

Claire Lamb: Attempts to Learn Ep.1: Yngwie Malmsteen

Schnee Setna: Shingan Crimson's-MAGMA and KOLOR - 公路之星

Alicyn Yaffee: Crazy times - I started a patreon

Anna Greta Giannotti: Mark Lettieri - Coastin '(Cover)

Giulia Marta Vallar: Guest Solo for FB1964, using Chicken Picks, Fractal Audio System, Suhr Modern Pro.

Beth Cannon: Elizabeth II - Wedding Demon (Live)

OkJin Han: Helloween - Dr. Stein guitar cover

Sonia Nusselder: KISS - I Was Made for Lovin' You