Elylva: Lord Of The Lost - Black Halo G

Hello again,
I hope you had a good week so far. As you know I am still hard working due the Corona crisis and are pretty silent at the moment. But I was lucky to be able to do another cover again this weekend. AND another new band made it on my channel: Lord Of The Lost - requested by some fans. I always wanted to do a guitar cover by them and I choosed "Black Halo" because I love the lyrics and the whole atmosphere in this one ^^! They are a great band with many good songs. I heard them very much when I was 13-14 years old. That was around the same time when I first saw them live. Damned that`s long time ago, I need to see them again! Good old memorys...Well, enough talking XD.

Have fun wathing my guitar cover of "Black Halo" !

*Tuning: Drop C
*Guitar: ESP LTD EC-1000 QM STBC
*Studio Software: PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional
*Sound: Guitar Rig 5 Pro
*Interface: PreSonus Studio 24c
*Camera: Sony Alpha 6000
*Intro/Outro: Tomandandy "Prison" and "Los Angeles"
*Strings by "Ernie Ball"
*Cable by "Sommer Cable"
*Plectrum by awesome "Böse Fuchs" (visit her: https://www.boesefuchs.berlin/home-de... )

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Lord Of The Lost - Black Halo Guitar Cover [MULTICAM, Full HD]