Yvette Young: Mad guitar science, BADDAD riff, Uplifting sounding riff

I thought i'd make a fun and playful video to talk about the specs I chose for the YY10 slime green sparkle guitar. Much thank you to Ibanez and thank you to Tom Flynn for turning this lil video concept into a reality!

Here is a link to the full specs and rundown on the Ibanez website:

Guitar is available for preorder now on most online retail sites!

mad guitar science [Ibanez yy10 slime green sparkle talman rundown]

My homies from France asked me to write a riff in the tuning BADDAD and this is what I came up with ! Hope everyone is staying safe and sane 💗
This is my signature Ibanez talman plugged into a vox ac 10 directly with light amp reverb


Ibanez talman equipped with Seymour Duncan 5 2 tele set going into a Zvex lofi junky and then into an Ehx oceans 11 reverb and then into a vox ac 10

Uplifting sounding riff