Ami Kim: AC/DC - Highway to hell full band cover by Ami Kim(#39-3)

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(Genre : Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal)
1979 - Highway to Hell (Original Drummer : Phil Rudd, Chris Slade)
Original Guitar : Angus Young, Malcolm Young
Original Vocal : Bon Scott, Brian Johnson
Original Bass : Cliff Williams

RIP Malcolm Young, Bon Scott

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Used instruments :Ludwig
(10,12,13,14,16, and 22(2ea) SN 14X5)
Zildjian A custom Cymbal set.
Meinl Classic custom Cymbal set.
Paiste Rude China 18'
Zildjian S Splash 8"
Zildjian ZXT trashformer 14"
Tama mini timbal 8",6"

drum cover by Ami Kim
guitar cover by Ami Kim
bass cover by Ami Kim
vocal cover by Ami Kim

Pearl Demon pedal and wood beater.
Stick : Regal tip - Rock

Video equipment : Sony Action cams, iphone 6+

Ami Kim is heavy metal female drummer in south Korea.